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    Direct Instruction Essay

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    Direct InstructionThe efficient way for teachers to teach students is to present information, skills, or concept of Direct Instruction. Direct Instruction refers to a rigorously developed, highly scripted method for teaching that is fast-paced and provides constant interaction between students and the teacher. (Effective Teaching Methods) Direct Instruction is a research basic module used to help students to set clear goals and understand them.

    The student will have a clear and concise explanation of the subject. Engelmanns theory of Direct Instruction is research base; this model of instruction is within a large more generic category of teaching directed instruction. In the essay, I will explain the research base of Direct Instruction, what it is, why use it, how it works, what it does, and what researches say about it. The purpose of Direct Instruction is the curriculums of this project are used. Direct Instruction is to describe lessons in which, the teacher transmits information directly to students, lesson is goal oriented and structured by the teacher.

    (Educational Psychology) Direct Instruction is a teacher-directed and commonly used during the concept introduction, and a phase of learning cycle. It is also an instructional method and is based on the learning theories of behaviorism and developmentally. The instruction is holistic and used for reading. The program is based on specific student error data from the field test, and scripting the lessons; which allowed sharing of these polished stones across teachers. Children learn by working through the sequence of tasks with carefully timed comments from the teacher, said Engelmann. Direct Instruction is used to describe a lesson to the students.

    The teacher would lecture, and then he/she guides the students through a complex problem, that is broken down into step. This will help the student to carryout the problem on their own, for an example the teacher would have the students to watch a video and during the project, the students would take notes, and be prepared for a quiz. This gives the teacher control over what is a lecture, and who will learn. These programs assure the teacher incorporates effective teaching behavior into the lesson. This provides children with a high rate of opportunities to participate, interact with peers, and to receive individual attention from the teacher.

    In addition, these small groups typically become learning communities with shared group and individual goals. This teaches students pre-reading skills, comprehension, spelling, writing, and reading. It is use for basic skills, an example is explaining to the student on how to use a microscope. Teachers use materials and procedures to stimulate students to recognize or create relationship. Direct Instruction is developmentally appropriate and used authentic, an example is reading mastery curriculum and writing poetry. Another example is a language lesson that begins with an exercise on new vocabulary words, therefore; the children will learn about subjects and verbs.

    This exercise will enable students to synthesize all they learned in the lesson. Direct Instruction has goals that include teaching students to love and be skilled in reading, math, and writing. The students should understand what they read and how math works. Direct Instruction is organize in a logical development sequence, based on concepts, rules, and strategies that students need, for any lesson used in later instruction.

    The curriculum provides careful constructed tasks; it is logical formats embedded in teacher and student communication, which facilitate students understanding concepts and relationships. The students experience interaction with teacher, peers, and mastery of each task. This enables the student to learn quickly what the teacher is teaching, therefore; children learn more in less time. An example, a brief 5 minutes placement test given for each curriculum to ensure the student begins with lesson for which he she prepared. The researcher say, direct instruction is use to describe a lesson where the teacher has control.

    Researcher also says that teachers and student teachers often mistake direct instruction for the only way to teach. Direct instruction is an instructional method from the transmission paradigm, and is based on learning theories of behaviorism and developmental. There are variations of direct instruction, an example; a teacher may use a videotape to lecture to the students. The students would watch the video and talk on the subject in-group discussion or give

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