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    Defining the Humanities Essay (818 words)

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    Humanities is the study of human culture through being analytical. In the humanities are language, history, philosophy, religion and the arts. The analyzing of these subjects helps to understand and mold humanities. It is a very widespread subject that covers multiple little subjects and time periods. These include the Medieval, the Renaissance, the Enlightenment, and the Modern, just to name a few. All these time periods had multiple elements that made each of them unique.

    Some things include the different philosophers who helped create the ideas for that time period, the different rulers of the countries of power, the teachings, the literature people read, and the multiple types of art as well. Humanities is a combination of everything that has been studied to create culture and what culture means today and how it is constantly being developed and changed and thought about by the new generations and periods of the day. Art is thought process put down on a canvas for others to interpret for themselves.

    The different types of classifications of art help make it easier or harder to decipher a piece of art’s message. When surrealism was big, it was harder to figure out what the painter was trying to portray and many would say that it is not art at all, but yet they would still buy it and one day it would be famous. Many of the famous paintings today were not popular during their time period and most of the artists were considered crazy for their paintings. Yet today, after they are dead their paintings are priceless.

    There is always one question though, what makes it art? That is a hard answer to define; it is just about as easy as defining love and beauty. The closest we can get to a definition is that it is infinite and it has infinite possibilities from one’s own interpretation, and that is exactly what art is, one’s own interpretation of whether or not it fits into the category of art. Style is the factor that makes something what it is. For example, the different genres of music.

    They are all defined as types of music but then they are classified under the specific type of music. This is based on rhythm, lyrics, instruments, and other factors. Just like music has a style so does art. The types of brush strokes, the theme of the painting, the colors, and shapes, all factor in to what particular style of art a painting is. Style also refers to the way in which one dresses. For the different time periods there was a different style of clothing that went along with each.

    It also varied with what class you belonged to, whether it is servant or king. Style can also refer to literature and the way an author writes. The different time periods revealed different styles of writing as well. For example, the Romantic period was all about nature and finding peace in nature, whereas the Enlightenment was all about science and knowledge and when a lot of philosophical writing emerged. Just like art, style has a wide variety of subjects it helps define and give shape.

    Genius is someone who is absolutely mad with ideas and knowledge. Some of the people we consider to be geniuses now, were also the craziest and outcast people of their time. They were shunned for having such crazy ideas and even put to death. Galileo discovered that the Earth and the planets revolved around the sun, but people thought he was crazy because he went against authority and so they shunned him and put him on house arrest until he died. Then there was Sigmund Freud who developed the ideas of the unconscious mind.

    People did not believe his ideas and yet today they are being taught in psychology class because the man was a genius and knew what he was talking about when it came to dreams. Genius does not mean that a person is popular or has a lot of money, but they are so engulfed in learning and in knowledge that their brain is filled with ideas and things that no one would think of. To be genius is to be mad. Culture is the background, history, and tradition that make a group of people or a person.

    There are multiple different cultures that make up every country and every state. They all date back to the beginnings of our ancestors, and have been forming long before history has recorded. Culture helps mold people into different individuals and gives them a background to grow from. It helps define who a person is. It is the different types of people that make up the world and make it diverse. If it were not for culture everyone would be the same. There would be no difference between everyone and nothing to make someone stand out or be different.

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