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    Dead poets society ch Essay

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    Cleanable Is about Todd Anderson and his friends Nell, Charlie, Knox, Meek and Pits who go to Walton Academy, where they have to live by the four pillars of tradition, honor, excellence and discipline. Their new English teacher Mr.. Keating is trying to teach them how to become more independent and free thinkers. The students resurrect a secret organization called The Dead Poets Society’, where they can be whoever they want to be, without any influences from the school or their parents.

    In Chapter six McAllister, a co-worker, Joins Mr.. Keating at the dining table, where they start a conversation about Settings previous class. McAllister is questioning Settings way of teaching. Meanwhile, Neil Joins his friends at the dining table and shows them an old annual of Settings senior year. When they open it, they find out more about him. He was the captain of the soccer team and Delight man”. They also find out about the Dead Poets Society. As they looked through the annual, Nolan, the headmaster arrives at their table. They are having a little chat about their classes and Mr..

    Keating. After they finish lunch, Neil decides to keep the annual. Neil, Charlie, Meek, Pits, Cameron and Todd are on their way back to the dorm when they spotted Mr.. Keating. They go up to him and ask him about the Dead Poets Society. He explains that it was a secret organization, that would meet in an old cave where both male and female would read poetry. After that conversation, the boys discuss about whether they should go to that cave that night or not. After dinner Todd tells Neil that he doesn’t want to read out loud because he is embarrassed, but Neil manages to get him to Join.

    In Chapter seven Nell gets back from a small chat with Charlie and Knox during predictable, he finds a poetry anthology on his desk that belongs to Mr.. Keating. He reads it for about an hour. A couple hours later, they are on their way to the cave. As soon as they arrive, they light a fire. Neil then officially reconvenes the Dead Poets Society and starts to read out the traditional opening message from Henry David Thoreau. The boys then take turns reading out poetry from the book, except Todd. Eventually Pits pounds out a Congo rhythm as he reads the poem. The boys dance to that rhythm out of the cave. They go back to the academy.

    The next day, Keating tells his students that language was invented to impress women. After he reads out a quotation from uncle Walt, he tells them that, in order to release themselves from prejudices, habits and Influences, they have to find a deferent point of view. He then gets up on his desk to do so and tells his students to do the same. After that, he tells his students that they have to write a poem additionally to the essays, adding that he Is aware of Todd being scarred by that assignment. After Settings class.

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