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    Database Normalization and Hotel Reservation Website Sample Essay

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    1 Introduction

    Technology has transformed many facets of life in this coevals. including the manner many of us make reserves. Traditional ways of reserving through telephones. cellular phones and walk-in can’t header up the with other clients who have a busy agenda that are in demand of faster manner to reserve and pay. In this affair. it is in higher advantage to develop a to the full functional web site which provides on-line reserve. The benefits of such system are as follows: it can derive international exposure and besides be an effectual online booklet that is available to everyone in the universe ; it can besides spread out mark market. taking to increased tenancy degrees. Increase net incomes. remain competitory. command tour selling.

    1. Statement of the Problem

    The Grand Astoria hotel is enduring with slow process on indirect reserves with deficient informations given by the invitee when reserving through phone calls and electronic mails. Besides. it has no confidence that the invitee will certainly pay through recognition. They have no positions of information of different suites and installations found in the constitution.

    2. Current State of the Technology

    The emerging demand of high quality based engineering is a must in different industries including the tourer attractive force topographic point such as hotels. In the instance of Grand Astoria Hotel. the enlargement of client range is low because they are non provided with a web site that connects to other possible clients internationally. The current province of their engineering when reserving are as follows: 1. ask inside informations cheque in and look into out clip ; 2. information about the invitee ; 3. choose what sort of room ; 4. cheque if it is available ; 5. if the room is unavailable. cheque for other suites that is available ; 6. modesty and corroborate the reserve to busy.

    3. General Problem

    The chief job of this survey is the inaccurate reserve of the client.

    1. Specific Problem

    1. Low in security

    2. Less informations unity

    3. Time monitoring

    4. Trouble in seeking and recovering files

    5. Possible loss of records and recovering files

    6. Trouble in happening the handiness of suites and installations

    7. Lack of Generating Reports

    4. General Aims

    The survey aims to work out the job that the hotel meeting and to alter their manner of reserve in their system.

    1. Specific Aims

    1. To increase security between direction and staff

    2. Highly integrate informations

    3. To decrease clip consume

    4. To pass less clip in seeking and recovering of files

    5. To make a backup files in every successful dealing

    6. To go easier to happen the handiness of suites and installations.

    7. Supply bring forthing studies

    5. Scope and Restrictions

    The range of the survey merely covers the dealing of reserve of suites and installations that can hotel give to the client.

    Hotel Reservation System is to the full scalable and designed to supply extended flexibleness and varied picks. Typical hotel reserve and ecommerce hotel system package reserve solutions presently in topographic point and available today are technically designed to accomplish merely one nonsubjective map. which is to link purchaser to seller.

    Chapter 2


    2. 1 Introduction

    The advocates proposed a hotel reserve web site with which is the Grand Astoria Hotel Reservation Website with standalone system is easier to utilize and a secured database to cut down informations redundancy.

    2. 2 Database

    The advocates used a database that serves as a aggregation of organized information of the reserve inside informations that can easy be accessed. managed. and updated with the use of MySql relational database direction system.

    2. 3 Normalization Theory

    The standardization theory provided a great advantage to the advocates due to its procedure of forming the Fieldss and tabular arraies of relational database to minimise redundancy and dependence that normally involves spliting big tabular arraies into smaller tabular arraies and specifying relationships between them. The advocates normalise the database from the First Normal Form to Boyce Codd Normal Form.

    First Normal Form ( 1NF )

    The columns in our tabular array are already in its atomic value and there was no duplicating of columns with associated informations.

    Second Normal Form ( 2NF )

    Third Normal Form ( 3NF )

    Boyce Codd Normal Form ( BCNF or 3. 5 NF )

    Chapter 3


    3. 1 Introduction

    This chapter presents the research design. research puting. research instrumentality. informations assemblage processs. system design specification and package and hardware demands.

    3. 2 Research Method

    The descriptive method of research was used in this survey. This method has been employed in this survey wherein the research workers gathered information about the present status and proposed a manner to heighten if non extinguish the conditions that affects the public presentation of the present bing manner on how the reserve being done.

    3. 2. 1 Research Design

    The descriptive research is besides called statistical research. The chief end of this type of research is to depict the informations and features about what is being studied.

    3. 2. 2 Research Puting

    This survey has been developed for GRAND ASTORIA HOTEL which started during the 1st semester of the school twelvemonth 2012-2013. The advocates developed this system and it will take topographic point at the forepart desk forces.

    3. 2. 3 Research Instrument

    The research instruments used in garnering informations from the respondents are researcher – made interview questionnaires.

    The research workers made questionnaire sing the procedure. dealing and studies with in their section. The research workers proposed system which includes the user’s studies and ability to recover informations from the database.

    3. 2. 4 Data Gathering Procedures

    The research workers conduct interview techniques and do usage of the system. The research workers conduct one on one interview to the director and put interview inquiries to him.

    3. 2. 5 System Design Specification

    The advocates will utilize a consecutive design procedure. in which advancement is seen as fluxing steadily downward through the stages of Planning. Analysis. Design. Coding. Testing besides known as the waterfall theoretical account. As shown in the diagram below:

    Planing Phase- the advocates discourse what system to build. schedule the interviewee of mark respondents. gather information to the respondent and assign undertaking to each advocates sing the paperss.

    Analysis Phase- the advocates inspect or examine the flow of the system to implement. stipulate aims. general jobs. place its range and restriction and normalise the database.

    Design Phase- the advocates verified the version of the graphical representations of the architectural design in which this stage relies on the old two phases for its proper execution.

    Coding Phase-the advocates ensures that the existent cryptography of the package is carried out. A proper executing of the old phases ensures a smooth and easier execution of this phase.

    Testing Phase-the advocates will prove the system after holding verified the old three phases.

    3. 2. 6 Software Requirements

    The package demands will include Windows. Apache. MySql. Php- waiter. Dreamweaver CS3. Windows 7 Ultimate or Windows XP.

    3. 2. 7 Hardware Requirements

    The hardware demands will include a Computer that has a Pentium to Core iSeries. 1GB ( 32 Bit ) RAM or 2GB ( 64 Bit ) RAM. 4GB of available Hard Disk infinite. DirectX 9 capable picture card running at 1024?786 or higher-resolution show.

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