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Data Table Analysis Sample Essay

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This brief will measure the design elements of the informations tabular arraies from an accounting position for Kudler Fine Foods. An entity relationship diagram exemplifying the bing information tabular arraies will be created. Recommendations that are needed for betterments to the information tabular arraies will besides be outlined. This brief will demo a pivot tabular array utilizing Kudler’s general leger stock list informations and there will be an account on how the information in the pivot tabular array may better determination doing for direction. Having a functional and enlightening informations tabular array can be an plus to a concern in many ways.

From an accounting position the information tabular arraies are simple and easy to read. There are four headers. They include the GL Code. stock list point.

drumhead line point and the sum. The GL Code helps to place which store the point is located at. For illustration. 12 bases for La Jolla.

13 identifies the shop in Del Mar. and 14 identifies the Encitinitas shop. The stock list point identifies what points are in stock list. At a speedy expression every director can see what is in stock list at each shop. The 3rd column is the drumhead line point.

This column identifies the shop name and which section the point is located in. The last column is the entire cost of the points in stock list. The information tabular arraies help the company to cognize what point is in stock list. where it is located.

and the entire cost of the stock list. An entity relationship diagram can be illustrated by utilizing the bing informations tabular arraies. Harmonizing to Bagranoff ( 2008 ) . an entity-relationship diagram depicts the entities and the direct relationship. There are four symbols used to assist make the graphical certification. The symbols are rectangles.

diamonds. ellipses. and linking lines. The rectangles represent entities. an egg-shaped bases for an entity’s attributes.

diamonds describe the relationship and the connecting lines show relationships. This diagram is a ocular reading of what relationships of entities are. See appendix A. The stock list tabular array is an of import tool for helping in what merchandises are on manus and what merchandises are needed to be ordered. Even though the tabular array is simple to read and provides valuable informations. there are betterments that can be made.

The first betterment that would assist in placing what each shop has in stock list is to rearrange the GL codifications by shop. Directors from each of the three shops would hold the ability to see if another shop has an point that they need in their stock list. Another betterment would be to add a class that would place what each point cost. The entire sum in stock list is listed but naming cost per point would assist find if the cost of the point is worth the quality of the merchandise. A 3rd betterment that would be good to all three shops is the demand to cognize how much of an point is in each shop. It is non cost efficient to hold a big stock list of points and non sell the merchandise.

If a shop needs an point they can look into if another shop has it alternatively of telling one. The tabular array can besides demo what points they have in stock that are non selling. Depending on the points non selling. direction will necessitate to find if the points are a loss or there needs to be a program to acquire the points sold. Pivot tables assist a concern to hold speedy entree to multiple types of information. These tabular arraies can take a batch of information and sum up it in an organized format.

Decisions on how much of an point needs to be in stock list and what clip of the twelvemonth the points are needed can be made by utilizing a pivot tabular array to screen the information. Having current information at a moment’s notice is clip efficient and cost effectual. Another characteristic of a pivot tabular array that improves determinations made by direction is the ability to see the entire costs for an point in stock list every bit good as what is in stock list. As points are sold or stocked on the shelves. the measure. costs.

and even the type of point in stock list can be updated to let information to be invariably up to day of the month. Kudler Fine Foods is a turning company that has usage for informations tabular arraies to hold the most up to day of the month and utile information to do an enlightening determination. Bettering stock list processs will help in client satisfaction and service. Kudler Fine Foods will hold a well maintained and efficient concern. MentionsBagranoff.

N. A. . Simkin. M. G.

. & A ; Strand Norman. C. ( 2008 ) . Core constructs of accounting information systems ( tenth erectile dysfunction. ) .

New York. New york: Wiley. Virtual Organizations. Kudler Fine Foods. Retrieved January 28. 2013.

from hypertext transfer protocol: //ecampus. Phoenix. edu/secure/aapd/CIST/VOP/Business/Kudler2/internet/index. asp

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