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    Cultural Artifact Sample Essay

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    IntroA. Hello everyone my name is. And today I am traveling to speak about a cultural artefact but before that by a show of custodies how many of you consider yourselves immature grownups? Very well now does your household acknowledge you as a immature grownup? There is a point in your life when your household starts to see you as a immature grownup. For Latino misss they are seen as a immature grownup at the age of 15. B. I have here with me today a high heel.

    You done see small misss have oning heels right…you normally see immature adult female and grownups have oning them. So this heel represents adulthood. I am Latino and for my 15th birthday I had a quinceanera. This is similar to a sweet 16.

    C. Quinceanera is an of import factor of a immature woman’s life because they are presented to the universe as a immature grownup turning from being a kid to a immature lady. II. Body
    1. A quinceanera normally begins with a spiritual ceremonial such as a mass specifically for the quinceanera.

    This represents the parents showing their small miss to God and blessing her. Then a response is held in a place or a banquet hall. The jubilation includes nutrient music and normally a dance or a walk-in performed by the quinceanera. There are many traditions in a quinceanera but one of the most popular is the changing of the places. Normally the male parent changes the immature misss level places to high heels. 2.

    This is a symbol of the quinceanera transmutation from a small miss to a immature lady. Right after the places are on the quinceanera has a dance with her male parent and is presented as a immature lady. B. 1.

    I identify myself with this civilization because I am Latino my parents migrated here from Mexico and my female parent is a really traditional adult female. For my 15th birthday I had a quinceanera. 2. My female parent and my grandma besides celebrated their quinceanera. And of class as tradition my male parent changed my level places to these heels which represented my transmutation to a immature lady. III.

    DecisionA. So now you know that a quinceanera is an of import milepost in a immature girl’s life. It represents the girl’s journey from being a kid to going a immature lady. B. A quinceanera embraces spiritual costumes such as God and imposts such as household and dance. C.

    I hope that you have all learned why a quinceanera is celebrated and that it still remains a precious and esteemed tradition. And if you do hold a opportunity to go to one I recommend you to travel it is a beautiful and fun ceremonial and plus there is free nutrient and music. Well thank you for your clip and now I am traveling to demo you a picture of a the changing of the places ceremonial in a quinceanera. ( Put on picture for 2 mins ) .

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