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    Creates the monster Essay

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    In the story Frankenstein the main key outline of the story is, Victor Frankenstein’s mother dies giving birth to her child. Victor Frankenstein says that death shouldn’t happen and that one day he would stop it from happening. He goes away to a school and meets Henry Clervel who becomes a good friend. Victor Frankenstein sets up a laboratory in his room, which is where he creates the monster. He creates the monster and realises what he has done. When he wakes he realises that the monster has gone. He thinks that it won’t survive on its own.

    The Monster watches a French family who he helps when he goes to see them they just reject him which makes the monster really angry. Victor Frankenstein moves back to Geneva where his younger brother is lost. They find him dead, one of the workers for them gets accused and hanged. Victor Frankenstein sees the monster and realizes the monster did it. He meets up with the monster and the monster says he wants a female friend, Victor Frankenstein says he wont then the monster says, “I will be with you on your wedding night. ”

    Victor Frankenstein fears for himself no one else. On the wedding night the monster kills Elizabeth and then runs away. Victor Frankenstein spends months trying to catch up with the Monster; when he gets closer to catching up with the monster, he meets Robert Walton the captain of a ship. This is where the story begins in the book. Chapter five opens with the very famous sentence, “It was on a dreary night of November that I beheld the accomplishment of my toils” This was the first thing Mary Shelley wrote in the novel yet it wasn’t added to it until chapter five.

    The opening of chapter five sets the scene for the whole story this is because of the weather which was very dull and raining. The weather tells us that the story is going to be scary and adds to the anticipation. The opening of the book suggests to us that it is going to be a gothic horror we can tell this because of one of the sentences. “I saw the dull yellow eye of the creature open; it breathed hard, and a conclusive motion agitated its limbs. ” The narrator in this chapter is Victor Frankenstein.

    This gives the readers more of a feel for his project as we are seeing it through his eyes. The monster has dull yellow eyes, yellow skin, lustrous black hair, pearly white hair, but they formed a horrid contrast with his watery eyes and he had straight black lips. The language Victor Frankenstein uses when he is describing the monster is a very descriptive language, I think he refers to the monster in this way because he is disappointed with his creation and wants to describe everything about him to emphasize how he looks.

    At this point in the story I think that Victor Frankenstein is a very dedicated man who wants everything to be perfect. In this chapter my sympathy has to go to Victor Frankenstein simply because he has dedicated two years of his life for this and at the end he is disappointed because it’s not what he thought it would be. The narrator of the book in chapter twelve is the monster. In this chapter the impression I get of the monster is that he isn’t a very vicious monster. This is because he helps a French family to collect food and also when it says, “This trait of kindness moved me sensibly. “

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