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    Could Genocide have been prevented Essay

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    Proposal for paperCould Genocide have been prevented Essay?Introduction-The meaning of Genocide, and the impact it has on a single person and society. -Start out with a few interesting facts about the war in Bosnia-Information on the key players that were involved in the war and genocide-Talk about how the war began/ conflict of interest and religion in area.

    Thesis-Specifically state to the reader if there was U. N. intervention, could genocide have been avoided?-What were the reasons for lack of intervention?-Could many lives have been saved if intervention occurred?-Prove to reader that where information is coming from, books, articles, internet, etc. -How paper will prove both sides of ideas, the good and bad reasons of intervention and the good and bad reasons of no intervention.

    Back ground-Go over the war in Bosnia starting in 1991. -Review of reasons why there was a split between the Serbs, Croats and Muslins. -Review the new physical boundaries of Slovenia and Croatia and what impacted this. -Review in detail the key players that were involved in the split of the nations by religious reasons. This includes Milosevic.

    Statement of the problem-explain specifically about the genocide-In chronographic order, explain what the U. N. and the major western countries that were part of the U. N. did in response to the genocide-What were the steps that the U.

    N. took when the genocide first occurred-How the genocide was dealt with when it might have been to late. Possible steps that could have prevented genocide-Review my opinion-Look over scholarly articles, books, etc and determine what respected political scientists would have done-Review steps I may have taken to prevent the tragedy of genocide. Conclusion-Restate the thesis and the background.

    -Write again about the genocide and how it may have been avoided-Rewrite the steps that could have been done and how it could have prevented the genocide all together. -We can learn from our mistakes in the past and how we can prevent a genocide from never happening again. Limitations of the study-Unfortunatly, all research papers have a limitation to their studies. Some of the limits I may come across is, lack of information, lack of respectable and trusted articles or books.

    These two will be my biggest concern when writing this paper. The way I plan to try and overcome this obstacle is by gathering all the information I have before hand, and understand the limitations I may occur before I begin writing my paper. This way, I will know my limits while writing my paper and not overstep my boundaries. Another limitation may be that in some aspects of my research, I may lack the knowledge of something or may come across a part in my research or writing where I am stuck.

    I can overcome this by consulting with my professor for help. Review of literature-Some of the information and literature I will be using is books, scholarly articles and the internet as well as my own knowledge. I will try and manage my information in-between the books and the scholarly articles. I will use the internet, but preferably as least as possible.

    For the most part, I will refer to my books for most of the information and any scholarly opinions will refer to articles from well respected political scientists. The internet will also provide adequate information, but in some cases the information may be questionable since many resources and internet pages have false factual information. Methodology-I will analyze the methods that I will be using in writing this research paper. I will use the literature I have at hand as well as my own general knowledge of the subject. I will have a number of means and techniques when I write this paper.

    When I write this paper, I will refer to my notes, literature as well as my proposal and outline to help me organize myself. I will use, side notes in my paper as well as a “terms” section that will outline terms that the reader may need a broader understanding of as well as the explanation of abbreviations. I will have a separate bibliography page. .

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