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    Contrast Between Iago and Othello Is the Most Important Contrast in the Play Sample Essay

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    How far do you hold with the position that the contrast between Iago and Othello is the most of import contrast in the drama? In the drama Othello. there are many signifiers of contrast. one of which is the contrast between the characters of Othello and Iago. which could be argued as being the most of import contrast in the drama. In this essay I am traveling to discourse assorted contrasts between these two characters every bit good as others which are shown in the drama. An illustration of contrast between Othello and Iago is the contrast between manipulated and the operator. Iago lures Othello into a false sense of security by utilizing linguistic communication such as “my lord” when speaking to him and maintain all his true purposes hidden so Othello believes that he is an honorable adult male. He manages to pull strings Othello easy by playing on his failings which are his love for Desdemona and his green-eyed monster. Iago who is both clever and magnetic. workss ideas into Othello’s caput. such Desdemona holding an matter with Cassio. and allows him to pull his ain decisions by seeing what he want to see. He seldom explicitly states that Cassio and Desdemona are holding an matter. but alternatively uses Othello’s belief that he is an “honest” adult male and implies other people’s guilt as a manner of converting the fleeceable Othello.

    Another signifier of contrast is the drama is the contrast between Venice and Cyprus. which is closely linked with the contrast between Othello and Iago. There is a big contrast between Othello’s behavior in the ordered universe of Venice compared to the helter-skelter one of Cyprus. In Venice Othello was perceived as a baronial. respected military general that was extremely regarded by many. However in Cyprus he behaves really otherwise. even striking Desdemona at one point. Lodovicos’s response to this was one of horror which we can see when the exclaimed. “My Lord! – This would non be believed in Venice. though I should curse I saw’t. ” Which shows how aghast he was with Othello’s actions and how that they appear to be improbably out of character. Whilst Cyprus is an environment in which Othello struggles in. Iago on the other manus thrives in Cyprus. In Venice. Iago’s plans to destruct Othello were unsuccessful ; nevertheless in Cyprus he succeeds and manages to convert Othello of his wife’s matter. There is besides contrast in both the linguistic communication Iago and Othello usage in both Venice and Cyprus.

    In Venice. Othello’s address was stately. poetic and respectful which we can see in the quotation mark “Most potent. grave. and reverend seigniors” . This would hold been unexpected for those life in Venice as they would hold expected Othello to hold been talking crudely. Iago on the other manus prefers the usage of carnal imagination such as when he is speaking to the self-destructive Roderigo and he says “Ere I would state I would submerge myself for the love of a guinea biddy. I would alter my humanity with a baboon. ” Meaning that he would instead be a baboon than kill himself for a adult female and he is in fact mocking Roderigo and connoting that he is weak. He besides makes multiple mentions to the Satan. which could be considered to be a mark of the immorality within him. As the drama continues and Othello’s relationship with Desdemona begins to interrupt down. we see the contrast in his address from the start of the drama as he begins to mirror Iago’s pick of linguistic communication.

    As the drama progresses. he no longer uses heavenly imagery such as depicting his love as `Olympus-high’ . and alternatively utilizations words related to the Satan every bit good as carnal imagination for illustration in the phrases “false as hell” and “blood suction flies” . By the terminal of the drama. Othello is a shadow of his former ego and is talking in jagged. disordered prose. Overall. I do believe that the contrast between Othello and Iago is the most of import in the drama as it is the contrast which is most prevailing throughout the drama and can be linked to many other contrasts in the drama such as such as the alterations in behavior between Venice and Cyprus every bit good as the contrast between good and evil and the manipulated vs the operator.

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