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    Computer Forensic Sample Essay

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    Instruction manuals: There are multiple parts to this assignment. Carefully read each subdivision and type your reply in the infinite provided. Complete each portion of this Homework Assignment to have full recognition.

    Part 1: Probe Web SitesChapter 4 in the text edition contains links to several web sites which are of import to understanding computing machine probes. In this subdivision. name the web sites discussed in the chapter and include their Internet links along with a brief description of what is contained at each of these sites.
    Expert Computer Forensic Analysis:Specialized techniques for informations recovery. grounds hallmark and analysis of electronic informations far transcending normal informations aggregation and saving techniques www.

    afflib. orgThe Advanced Forensics Format ( AFF® ) and AFF Library ( AFFLIB® ) are a joint development undertaking of Simson L. Garfinkeland Basis Technology Corp. The AFF and AFFLIB may be used royalty free and without restriction. Technology that incorporates the AFFLIB must admit this fact and note that the engineering copyright understanding. World Wide Web.

    basistech. com/digital-forensics/aff. hypertext markup language

    Whether you need to inquire an occasional inquiry to experience secure with your chosen unfastened beginning tools or a squad of forensic experts for an remarkably ambitious digital forensic probe. Basis Technology has a broad scope of solutions and services to turn to each demand. Commercial support for unfastened beginning digital forensic tools combines the flexibleness of unfastened beginning tools with the dependableness of commercial support.

    Custom development solutions build custom forensic package for organisations with specialised demands. Professional services supplement in-house expertness and resources. research solutions to tough jobs. or supply specialised preparationContrary to popular premise. Drams used in most modern computing machines retain their contents for several seconds after power is lost. even at room temperature and Even if removed from a motherboard.

    Although DRAMs become less dependable when they are non refreshed. they are non instantly erased. and their contents persist suf?ciently for malicious ( or forensic ) acquisition of useable full-system memory imagesPart 2: Acquisition Tools ( Case Project 4-1 )Your supervisor has asked you to research current acquisition tools. Using your preferable Internet hunt engine and the sellers listed in this chapter. fix a study incorporating the undermentioned information for each tool and saying which tool you would prefer to utilize:
    * Computer forensics seller nameTechnologies Pathways ProDiscover– Guidance Software EnCase– X-Ways Forensicss– Runtime Software– R-Tools Technologies* Acquisition tool name and latest version figureYou can remotely link to a fishy computing machine via a web connexion and transcript informations from it Remote acquisition tools vary in constellations and capablenesss * Features of the vendor’s merchandise

    With ProDiscover Investigator you can:– Preview a suspect’s thrust remotely while it’s in usage– Perform a unrecorded acquisition– Encrypt the connexion– Copy the suspect computer’s RAM– Use the optional stealing mannerProDiscover Incident Response extra maps– Capture volatile system province information– Analyze current running proceduresDistant Acquisition with EnCaseEnterpriseDistant acquisition characteristics– Remote information acquisition of a computer’s media and RAM informations– Integration with invasion sensing system ( IDS ) Tools– Options to make an image of informations from one or more systems – Preview of systems– A broad scope of file system formats– RAID support for both hardware and package

    • R-Tools suite of package is designed for informations recovery• Remote connexion uses Triple Data EncryptionStandard ( 3DES ) encoding• Creates natural format acquisitions• Supports assorted file systemsUtilities– Disk Explorer for FAT– Disk Explorer for NTFS– HDHOST

    • Features for acquisition– Create a natural format image file– Segment the natural format or compressed image– Access web computers’ thrusts

    Put your response to Separate 2 here. Part 3: My Investigation ( Case Project 4-5 )You’re look intoing a instance affecting a 2 GB thrust that you need to copy at the scene.

    Write one to two pages depicting three options you have to copy the thrust accurately. Be certain to include your package and media picks.
    A log should be kept of who has had entree to the thrust including names. associations. and day of the months.

    After obtaining the thrust. it should be placed in a secure container and a detention for should be filled out. A unafraid thrust that is bigger than 2GB should be obtained in order to do the proper transcript image of the original. The computing machine forensics will besides necessitate to observe the sort of thrust you are copying so that you have the proper cables/ports to link the disc to your forensic Personal computer. Copying this thrust may take some clip so it is indispensable to hold a secure work country to execute the transcript.

    I would so utilize my forensic package to do a spot stream transcript of the thrust. For safety grounds. I would name a cardinal padlock and besides a cardinal keeper. stomp consecutive Numberss on each extra key. keep a register naming which key is assigned to which authorised individual. besides conduct a monthly audit.

    take an stock list of all keys. topographic point a key in a lockable container and maintain the same degree of security for keys as for grounds containers and alter the locks and keys yearly so I know the merely limited figure of people that have entree to the information. Furthermore. I will guarantee proper communicating is held with the legal opposite number on all parts of the probe. cardinal words to be used and other coveted rules. I will set up for a attorney to see the consequences in the preferable presentation.

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