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    Comparison Of Bureaucratic And Non Bureaucratic Organisations Commerce Essay

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    The Style of bureaucratic organisation has wholly different construction as comparison to the non bureaucratic organisations. The bureaucratic manner is preferred due to its proficient manner of disposal but for the new and little and average size organisations no bureaucratic manner is most popular.

    Here are comparings between these two:


    Bureaucratic manner is more suited for big organisation but for new little and average size organisation the non bureaucratic manner is more suited

    Use of Human resources:

    In the non bureaucratic the human resources are more efficaciously and expeditiously used by the organisation as comparison to the other manner.

    Creativity and Invention:

    As the non bureaucratic organisations is more flexible environment so the more opportunities o creativeness and invention is in non bureaucratic as comparison to bureaucratic organisations. ( Stamm V B: 2008 ) ,

    Operational control:

    In the bureaucratic organisations the control bid for operations are distributed while in non bureaucratic there is a centralized bid of control for the operations of the organisation.

    Time Saving:

    In bureaucratic organisations there is really long concatenation of bid and when the order is given by the higher authorization from top to down level it takes more clip to pass on while in the non bureaucratic direct orders are given from the higher authorization to the subsidiaries in order to acquire the self-generated response. It takes less clip and more clip to work is devoted.

    Motivational degree:

    The degree of motive is really high in non bureaucratic manner because the direct orders are given from the top degree and more wagess and grasp is given by higher degree to the subsidiaries straight while in bureaucratic manner the top degree has seldom communicate straight to the subsidiaries. ( Sapru R.K: 2006 )


    Non bureaucratic construction is more volatile as comparison to the bureaucratic construction.

    Communication and policies and processs:

    In bureaucratic there is hapless degree of communicating while in non bureaucratic the degree of communicating and go throughing information from top to toss off is much quicker and faster. However, In bureaucratic manner there are written paperss of policies and processs and if any job comes they can decide it by utilizing that policies and processs while it is absent in non bureaucratic organisation.

    As in bureaucratic organisations there are more policies and processs which are followed by the employees and they feel no freedom and less motivated environment as comparison to on bureaucratic organisations where people are more motivated and more efficient to do the organisation more successful.

    Preferable Organization:

    As discuss earlier that the non bureaucratic organisation manner is more suited for little and average sized organisation while for higher or large organisations the bureaucratic manner is more suited. While I have seen that in non bureaucratic manner the flexibleness of work, communicating from top to down and motivational degree of the employees are high so they chase easy trail the end of the organisation. However every organisation has its ain manner and construction and it is non easy to make up one’s mind for a peculiar organisation that which construction is best for them.

    After critical analysis I will take non bureaucratic manner because the motivational factor involved in it is the chief point for my organisation and as motive brings invention and creativeness in the organisation.

    As in 1995 Herzberg says

    During work the different factors which motivate people and different from those which create dissatisfaction ”

    ** ” The factors which are normally involved in making the occupation related to occupation satisfier while the factors which define the occupation context normally relates the occupation dissatisfies ” . **

    Advantages and Disadvantages:

    Every organisation has its ain manner and every manner has its ain advantages and disadvantages. So these are as follows:

    Advantages of Non-Bureaucratic Organization:

    Non bureaucratic organisation manner is more flexible and easy to follow the alterations in any organisation. As the authorization has direct communicating to the subsidiaries so the fast communicating makes the response quicker and efficient. There is no long concatenation of bid which saves the clip and efficient usage of human resources at its potency.

    Employees are more motivated by wagess and grasp by the higher governments straight which conveying the invention and creativeness in any organisation as the determination and working environmental are more flexible so more quicker to follow the planetary alterations which keeps the employees more antiphonal and responsible to trail the organisational aims.

    As there is no long hierarchy so any employee can be given work without any clip bound and place load. So the employees can take their ain enterprises and do determination in order to finish the undertaking without waiting the higher authorization permission.

    Disadvantages of non-Bureaucratic Organization:

    The chief disadvantage is that the construction is really informal there are non any difficult and fast regulations, policies and processs in the written signifier. There is deficiency of standardization so the jobs arise in the organisation on the same issues can non be solved so the work force are involved to set their input to work out the job.

    As the centralization of bid of control make the employees to depend merely on the top authorization or individual individual to carry through the operations or undertakings of the organisation. However every new little and average organisation will look frontward to be spread outing in the hereafter so this non-bureaucratic manner should be changed into the bureaucratic manner in order to manage the undertakings and operations of the organisation in more effectual and efficient manner. Due to the absence of proper processs and policies in the written signifier sometimes it ‘s really difficult for the organisation to carry through the demands.


    Harmonizing to me the non bureaucratic manner has some border over the traditional bureaucratic manner as it is more flexible and easy to follow alterations in this modern manner of epoch. Although every organisation has aits ain construction harmonizing to its demands and size. Although the non bureaucratic has some disadvantages like deficiency of standardization and absence of written policies and processs but still it is suited for the little and average size organisations.

    However while taking the manner of an organisation it ‘s all depend on the nature and size and the chief operations which is carried out by the organisation. At the terminal every non bureaucratic is turn into bureaucratic as it grows and gaining control more market portions. So in the start of any new concern the non bureaucratic manner is adopted while it expand than there should be written regulations, policies and processs which should be followed by the employees in order to work out the jobs and to achieve the major aims and ends of any organisation.

    This is a universe of alterations and hereafter is unsure so there should be some kind of invention and creativeness in the organisation and its work force should be satisfied with their work degree and duties. Thus the chief intent is to purse the organisation ‘s aims and ends whether it is bureaucratic or non bureaucratic in manner because both have their ain advantages and disadvantages.

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