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    Comparative Politics Essay

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    Throughout American history there have been changesthat have shaped the way we live today. Some of them aresmall things: for example the way we vote, the wayrequirements for a citizenship are obtain and other minorthings that does not effect every person at any given time. There are also many consistent ways we have lived inAmerica through our history such as: the two party systemsand how we are represented have been constant for a longperiod of time in the United States.

    None of these thingsare as important as the end of segregation and oureconomic structure, capitalism. These two effect the entirecountry continuously throughout history, no matter who youare our what your beliefs or your political views. Capitalism is one of the longest and most importantconstants in America today. It’s emphasis around the”America Dream” defines America and appeals to manycountries, that you can own your own land, business,house, car, or almost anything you could ever want.

    Thisis the very essence that has separated the United States forthe rest of the world for a long time. The idea that theharder you work and the better of a job you do will bringyou financial success in your life. What would happen to America if we no longer hadcapitalism as our economic structure? There have beentwo times in American history when capitalism was almosttaken away from us. If WWII had a different outcome, asit almost did, wouldn’t the country be almost forced intoFascism? This may seem as a unlikely outcome but whatwould of happen to the “American Dream.

    ” During theCold War it was a stand- off between Capitalism andCommunism. If was a very tense time, and some say itwas just luck or a toss of the dice that we didn’t convertand the Soviets did. Since these changes would of happenin the last half-century the effects would still be felt inAmerica. What would happen to the “American Dream”?The way that every one lived in this country would becompletely changed. The way we did business, the waywe bought clothes, when we went out to eat, everything. The reason of is because the Communism and Fascism arevery extreme when compared to Capitalism.

    Fa!scism is extremely right wing and a dictator controls thegovernment and his power is enforced by his military. Communism is extremely left of center which has manymore citizen help programs such as: health care, medicare,welfare, in this country has a hard enough time dealing withthese problems without the economy forcing it upon us. IfCapitalism were to change to anything else in this country, itwould be the hardest adaptation the country could everface, or any other large economic country for example thecurrent situation that the former Soviet Union is in. Thatkind of change is absolutely devastating to a country. An important change in American history has to be onethat effects everyone at any given time. The period ofsegregation in this country effected everyone.

    It effectedhow we rode the bus, where we went to school, where welived, and it often effected peoples political views. Whenmajor things like these effect your daily life people becomeinvolved. Since the end of the Jim Crow era which beganto end in the late 60’s to the civil Rights Act of 1964 whichmade it a federal offense to discriminate against a customer,a patron, or in employment because of race, color, nationalorigin, religion, or sex. Before that we had the 14th and15th Amendments which gave blacks the right to vote andequal protection. Segregation took on the countrydiscriminating against blacks and other minorities since theend of the Civil War when the Jim Crow era started.

    Blacks had to go to different stores, schools, restroom,neighborhoods, and even different water fountains. Whatever ha!ppened to the melting pot theory? How are peoplesupposed to learn without understanding the other point ofview’segregation finally did come to an end andcommunities, schools, and other public places finally cameinto multiracial and multicultural places. What would havehappened if such extreme segregation was still aroundtoday and the Civil Rights Act of 1964 didn’t pass and thecase of Brown v Board of Education had a differentresult? Brown v Board of Education was a court case, inwhich the court emphasized that the rights protected belongto each and every individual, not to the group to which heor she may belong.

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