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    Community Organizer Sample Essay

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    The rubric should be clear and unambiguous ( do non do it “cute” ) .

    The words you use in your rubric should clearly reflect the focal point of your proposal. The most of import words should come foremost. so the less of import words. Try to take words from your rubric that truly are non necessary for understanding. Try and utilize merely a individual sentence for your rubric. If the sentence is acquiring excessively long seek taking some words.

    When all else fails attempt utilizing a two portion rubric with the parts separated by a colon ( usage merely as a last resort! ) . Do non try to utilize the rubric as an abstract of your full proposal. AdvocatesAdvocates refer to the people who put frontward a proposition or proposal When composing the advocates in your proposal. delight bespeak the names of the members of the group. your class.

    your school and its location. Include specific information on the population or clientele that your undertaking is focused on. Example:
    Advocates:There are two different patronages groups for this undertaking:The first. and primary.

    patronages are the female parents of immature kids who live in Barangay Ganda. This clientele group is represented in the undertaking objectives for Goal # 1. The 2nd patronage group are the BS Computer Science pupils of AMACC Cagayan de Oro who will take part in the undertaking as voluntaries. These pupils are the undermentioned:

    1. Jastine Earl Sabidor2.

    Evan Joyce Cayetuna3. Nicole Rapatan4. Hazel Laparap5. Diane Bautista6.

    Carlo Adalid7. Mie Amor Porferio8. Keith Jasper Durana9. Kevin Roa10. Richard John Paculanan11. Alnor Umpa12.

    Jalaloding Umpa

    The above patronage group is represented in the undertaking objectives for Goal # 2. Both clientele groups are of import and indispensable constituents of this undertaking. It is expected that important acquisition will take topographic point for both clientele groups. AimsUndertaking Aims should be SMART:SpecificMeasurableAccomplishableRelevantTime-bound. Undertaking aims are the specific aims for which the undertaking works to accomplish them within a stipulated clip. They should be specific: the more specific it is the better to plan activities.

    indexs and the analysis.

    Tips:Think about what success means for your undertaking and how you would demo that success Refer to the consequences you expect from the undertakingDescribe the focal point population and the coveted alteration among the population Include the location and clip period for each aimReflect the intended alterations in systemic conditions or behaviours that must be achieved to carry through the goal/strategic nonsubjective Aims should hold mensurable indexs which show what. when. and how conditions. behaviours.

    and patterns will alter Aims must be verifiable at some point during the executing of the undertaking Some Relevant Wordss to be used while composing Aims

    HMHK purposes:Objective # 1- To supply female parents in Barangay Ganda with relevant information sing wellness and nutrition Objective # 2 – To help female parents in Barangay Ganda in larning how to efficaciously use wellness and nutrition information in assisting their immature kids to be more healthy. Objective # 3 – To learn female parents in Barangay Ganda how to measure alterations in the wellness of their immature kids. Example:
    HMHK purposes:Objective # 1 – To enroll a group of undergraduate pupils ( 15-20 pupils each semester ) at AMA Computer University to go voluntaries in the “Healthy Moms for Healthy Kids ( HMHK ) Project” . Objective # 2 – To supply a 4 hebdomad preparation plan for the voluntaries that covers a ) basic nutritionary information for female parents and B ) information on grownup learning methods. Objective # 3 – To put the pupils in the “Healthy Moms for Healthy Kids ( HMHK ) Project” to offer tutoring services to local female parents. Objective # 4 – To compare the type and grade of voluntary acquisition that takes topographic point in the “Healthy Moms for Healthy Kids ( HMHK ) ” as compared to volunteer engagement in Barangay Ganda.

    Undertaking OverviewUndertaking OverviewBriefly explain the principle of the undertaking. the demand of the undertaking to be implemented. the attempts that have been undertaken so far and the value-added that the undertaking is expected to convey. A brief debut to the current societal and economic state of affairs related to the geographic part and donees of the undertaking. The background should besides depict the job or critical issue which the proposal seeks to decide and how intended donees will be involved in undertaking designation and planning.

    Think of the Project Overview as an Executive Summary ( the busy executive likely merely has adequate clip to read your Overview – non the full proposal ) . Be specific and concise. Make non travel into item on facets of your proposal that are farther clarified at a ulterior point in your proposal. Examples:

    A community-based female parents and babies centre called “Healthy Moms for Healthy Kids ( HMHK ) ” . HMHK will concentrate on supplying nutritionary instruction and reding for female parents.

    particularly those from the highly low income countries. It is expected that through the providing of information to the female parents that it will be possible to hold a direct and positive consequence on the well being of the immature kids of the community. “Healthy Moms for Healthy Kids ( HMHK ) ” will use voluntaries who are pupils at AMA Computer University. Each pupil will be expected to successfully take part in a 4 hebdomad preparation plan at the beginning of their work with “Healthy Moms for Healthy Kids ( HMHK ) ” .

    This preparation plan will supply basic nutritionary information for female parents and information on grownup learning methods. Student voluntaries who demonstrate proficiency during the initial preparation plan will be invited to take part in an advanced preparation plan to larn effectual nutritionary guidance techniques. Each pupil voluntary will be expected to lend 3-5 hours each hebdomad and to go on with “Healthy Moms for Healthy Kids ( HMHK ) ” for a period of non less than 6 months. “Healthy Moms for Healthy Kids ( HMHK ) ” will run with 6 full and portion clip staff members. In add-on. a Regulating Board made up of community leaders and university staff will run to supply overall sanctioning of the Center’s operation.

    Periodic ratings will be conducted to measure the value of “Healthy Moms for Healthy Kids ( HMHK ) ” on a ) assisting the pupil voluntaries to go effectual pedagogues. B ) the development of new apprehensions on the portion of local female parents and degree Celsius ) the betterment of the well being of kids in Barangay Ganda. Importance of the UndertakingThis subdivision describes how the community are expected to profit from the undertaking. both straight and indirectly.

    It should besides discourse the engagement of the community in undertaking design. and their expected function in undertaking execution and rating of the undertaking.
    Community ProfileThe community profile is a sum-up of the history and present conditions of a community. It provides a elaborate demographic. economic and cultural information of the community.

    It gives an overview or series of snapshots of the country and is used as a footing for placing its potencies.
    The Community Profile shall include:1. Narrative text – it describes community features. such as population demographics.

    economic and societal history of the communities. the importance of assorted installations. Examples:Barangay Ganda is a territory of Cagayan de Oro. Philippines.

    The venue existed before the reaching of the Spanish. referred to as “Gandala” . One of the most dumbly populated countries of land in the the Philippines. Barangay Ganda is in the southwest part of the state and is chiefly residential-industrial in nature.

    It is known for being one of the poorest and most developing territories of the state. Many of the city’s slums are found in this country. 2. Tables or artworks that summarize of import informations or decisions. such as population demographics or employment tendencies.


    Number of Children of Selected Families in Barangay GandaOf the 705 female parents interviewed. many have medium sized households. Slightly less than half ( 45. 1 per centum ) have between 1 to 3 kids. One 3rd ( 34.

    9 per centum ) have between 4 to 6 kids. 13 per centum have between 7 to 9 kids. 34 respondents did non bespeak the figure of kids they have.

    A ocular map or maps that depict physical features. such as vicinity boundaries. land uses. public installations.

    and commercial centres. Examples:MaterialsList all the stuffs needed in the execution of the undertaking. Use a tabular array or graph in exemplifying the stuffs used in your undertaking.

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