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    Community College vs Senior College Essay

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    There are many different types of colleges, each different in one-way or another. There are Liberal Arts, Universities, Upper Divisions, Agricultural, Technical and Specialized, Public, Private and Community or Junior colleges. If you were a student looking for a college, which type of college would you attend? Is it better to attend a four-year college right away or a community college? With so many different types of colleges out there, which would be better to attend?

    Would it matter if a student were ready or not for a four-year college? Yes it would. Did you know that Many young people who do not have the ability or educational preparation to perform well in 4-year colleges are being encouraged to enroll (ed. gov/pubs)! This means that the people around he or she, for example, teachers, parents, counselors, and so on, encourage them. Since the student is not ready for or at college level they become drawn into a hole, one that is almost impossible to escape from.

    And because of this it is estimate (d) that about half of the entrants each year-over 600,000 students-eventually leave without graduating(ed. gov/pubs). A community college is there to help the student get ready for four-year college as well as providing students with an associates degree. Community colleges are made for two main reasons, one to serve as a bridge from high school to college by providing courses for transfer toward a bachelor’s degree (B. A. or B. S. And two is to prepare students for the job market by offering entry-level career training as well as courses for adult students who want to upgrade their skills for workforce reentry or advancement. (Collegeboard) A four-year college is the exact same thing as a community college. In a four-year college, you study to earn your Bachelors degree. You are expected to have your assigned work on time and to be in the lecture. Youre responsible for yourself and everything you do. It is a lot bigger than a community college.

    It offers more majors and research facilities. Class size is often based on institutional size and graduate student may teach classes from the same college or class. Although there are some similarities in what each college offers, there are some differences that make them unique. Many people often do not know the difference between a senior (a four-year) and junior college (two-year) because they are not given the right information. They are not able to make right choices as to what college they want to attend.

    Many people enter college without a clear idea of what they want to focus on(collegeboard) a community college is there to help you explore different subjects areas before you enter that the field of your choice, as you explore the different areas you save a lot money. The counselors assist the student in every career choice they make, plus if after two years you think you are ready for a senior college, they can transfer your credits earned to the college of your choice. A community college is there if youre not sure about college (collegeboard).

    A community college is also good to attend if you have been out of school for a long time or if the students GPA are not at the required level for the students chosen college. A senior college is there for the student to advance or to specialize in the field of their choice, it offers more course selections, it is larger so there is more person to person contact, and the student gets to live in a dorm, if they choose. If you are unsure of what you want to do, a community college is a better choice to choose as you explore your options.

    Community colleges cost less than a senior college, this means that you can save money during the first tow year of college as you explore and this money can be saved to help pay for your last two years at a senior college or a university. A senior college or university is there to further advance your degree, to allow the student to specialize in the students selected field. It is not there to help you explore a possible career. We choked at the costs, says Peggy, mother of a college junior and high school senior with annual costs averaging nearly $20,000 and a four-year public school adding up to about $4000.

    Teenagertoday). But to most families, the cost for college is not the major problem. It is whether or not the college has the students chosen major. On average, annual tuition at public senior college annual tuition costs $3,819 ($80-120/credit), board costs $ 5,564, books cost $750/ year, student fees $80, application fee $50, and cost of attendance $11,550-13,000/year. On average at a community college annual tuition costs $ 1,8000 ($43/credit), board costs $5,021-5,286, books costs $750/year, application fees $0-$20, student fees $1. /credit (max=$18/term), transportation costs $1,500, and attendance costs $ 9,000-$10,5000/year. The grand total of a four-year public college is $24,729 and the grand total for a community college is $19,874 (the totals are per year). If a student were to attend a four-year college for two years it would cost $49,458 and if a student were to attend a community college for two years it would cost $39,748. The student at the community college would save $4,855 each year. (Crookcountry. k12. or. us) A four-year college is not flexible like a community college.

    A four-year college course schedule are geared primarily toward full-time, traditional students who take classes during the day. (collegeboard). A community college is there to help the student out with their life and its choices. Course schedules are developed with attention to the variable needs of both part-time and full-time students, so classes are usually offered throughout the day and evening, and sometimes on weekends. (Collegeboard) Deciding which college to attend is a big step in life, most people are not prepared for it.

    They go to college with no idea of what to expect or why they are there. If the student feels unsure of what to expect or that he or she are not ready, they can go to a community college. At a community college, the student is prepared to attend a four-year college. While there, the student is able to save money and is allowed to mature and to grow use to idea of being at a college. A four-year college is there for the student to further advance in the their career, it allows the student to earn a degree in the field of his or her choice.

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