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    Chief and McMurphy Sample Essay

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    Milos Foreman’s movie One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest was developed from Ken Kesey’s novel One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest. The film writers of the movie are Lawrence Hauben and Bo Goldman. In One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest Chief and McMurphy develop a close relationship during the escape scene. while in the ward during and after the fad with Cheswick desiring the coffin nails. and the concluding scene.

    First of all. Chief is a colossal. Native American patient who pretends to be deaf. and is in the mental ward where McMurphy is sent. McMurphy is a Korean War POW who has been sent to the ward because he pretended to be brainsick to function the remainder of his prison sentence in the ward and non prison. In the scene where McMurphy escapes there is ab initio a stopping point up shooting of McMurphy through the ward gate screening that he is trapped in the ward. Then there is a shooting from medium scope demoing McMurphy seeking to get away while mounting on Chief’s shoulders to acquire to the top of the gate to get away. Following that there is a joust shooting where McMurphy is being tracked as he climbs the fencing and leaps to the land from the tree merely outside the gate. McMurphy so decides to remain and take those out who don’t have to remain on the ward evidences all twenty-four hours long.

    Second. Chief and McMurphy’s relationship is further developed in the scene when Cheswick asks Nurse Ratched what has happened to their coffin nails. This scene starts with a meeting amongst all the patients and Cheswick keeps disrupting Nurse Ratched. while traveling brainsick and desiring to cognize what happened to their coffin nails. There are many rearward shootings while Nurse Ratched and Cheswick are discoursing what happened to the patients’ cigarettes. The scene eventually starts acquiring helter-skelter when Harding’s coffin nail is being thrown around amongst all the patients in the ward and stoping up in Max Taber’s pant leg. The coffin nail ends up firing a hole through his pant leg and firing his mortise joint. While all this lunacy is traveling on. McMurphy clouts and shatters the nursing station window and gets Cheswick his coffin nails to acquire him to halt shouting. McMurphy so attacks Washington and is temporarily keeping McMurphy until Chief stairss in and protects McMurphy. After the guards restrain Chief and McMurphy. Chief is brought into another subdivision of the ward where McMurphy is already waiting. McMurphy later offers Chief a piece of gum where Chief responds by stating “Juicy Fruit” ( Foreman ) uncovering to McMurphy. the fact that he is non deaf.

    Finally in the shutting scene McMurphy is seen being brought back to bed through a point of position shooting through the eyes of Chief every bit good as a contrary shooting exposing Chief’s reaction to seeing McMurphy being brought back following McMurphy’s leukotomy. McMurphy was given the leukotomy after his 2nd clip get awaying the ward. this clip nevertheless he didn’t take everyone with him. Chief so realizes that McMurphy is a vegetable and can non travel about making anything any longer. At this point Chief decides to kill McMurphy so he doesn’t have to populate following the operation by strangulating him by puting a pillow over McMurphy’s face and choking him to decease. After Chief slayings McMurphy. he goes into the washroom and deracinate the marble counter in the room and hurtle it into the window. which causes it to shatter and open up so Chief can get away. In the concluding shooting of the movie. there is a long shooting of Chief running off from the ward. In this shooting all you see is Chief’s white bloomerss as he is running into the wilderness. This shooting of Chief running into the wilderness is a reversal of functions between McMurphy and Chief. In the gap scene McMurphy is being brought into the ward through a trailing shooting where you see a auto and the headlamps of the auto. The white bloomerss of Chief go forthing straight resembles the reaching of McMurphy.

    In decision. McMurphy and Chief develop a strong bond throughout Milos Foreman’s image One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest through Chief’s assistance of assisting McMurphy flight. Chief disclosure that he is non dense or deaf to McMurphy. and the murder of McMurphy. Chief helps McMurphy clear the gate so McMurphy can take the others out angling for the twenty-four hours. Chief saves McMurphy from farther penalty from the guards and speaks to McMurphy. Besides. Chief slayings McMurphy so he no longer has to endure and get away from the ward.

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