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    Cheetah endangered species Essay

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    The cheetah originated about 4 million years ago. The oldest fossils place it inwhat is now Texas, Nevada and Wyoming.

    It was common throughout Asia, Africa,Europe. All cheetah in Europe and most of those in Asia and Africa vanished. This”bottleneck”, as theorized, led to the present state of cheetah genetics: all cheetahalive today appear to be as closely related as identical twins. A unique factor of thecheetah is that it reaches up to speeds of 110 km/hr (68 Mph). African Cheetah (A. jubatus) red area Asiatic Cheetah (A.

    j. venaticus) green areaRange today are now commonly found only insub-Saharan Africa. Their range includes sparse sub-desert, steppe, medium andlong-grass plains. They need bushes, tall grass and other large plants to hide fromTwo groups exist in wild populations: the family group and males. Males,often siblings, form a coalition of 2 or 3; rarely 1 will live alone. This coalition willlive and hunt together for life and claims a range which may overlap several femaleterritories.

    Males and females mix only to mate. The average life span of wildradio-collared female cheetahs is 6. 9 years which compares to 11. 7 years for those incaptivity.

    The niche is a top carnivore because it eats all the animals but is killed byA cheetah is carnivorous and eats a variety of small animals. While most catsare nocturnal predators, the cheetah is active in the day and not at night. Huntingin early morning and late afternoon. Dependent on sight rather than smell. It likesto stand on a tree limb and look over the aera around it.

    The cheetah suffocatesmost of its prey by closing its jaws about the animal’s windpipe and compressing. Smaller animals like hares are killed by biting through the skull and. Cheetah eatsmall antelope, the young of larger animals, as well as game birds and rabbits. Human excess is probably the major factor pushing the cheetah towardextinction. Too many people squeeze out other species by robbing them of livingspace and limiting their food supply.

    Also the cheetah and its skin were a symbol ofwealth throughout recorded history. In 1900 there were about 100,000 cheetahworldwide. Present estimates place their number at 10 – 15 thousand with about1/10 of those living in captivity. Namibia has the largest population of Africancheetah – about 2500. Smaller populations exist in Botswana, Zimbabwe, SouthAfrica, Kenya and Tanzania while 19 other countries have even fewer. Could provide as much as N$150,000 for monitoring and conservation of theNamibian cheetah under the NAPHA contract.

    Some breeding ground are the(CCF) cheetah conservation fund, Dickerson park zoo, Columbus zoo, and MN zoo.I think that my species should not be killed because it is a living thing and i dontthink living things should be killed for now reason of for there featurs.Bibliography: .

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