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    Changing Your Habits for Better Health

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    When I first began this project I thought the 7 day eating log was going to be a waste of time, but now that have completed it I realize that it is actually very beneficial. I never realized how bad I was eating until I took a step back and looked at it. This has greatly impacted me to change my eating habits, and start to choose healthier foods. Something I learned about myself is that I have a lack of willpower when it comes to certain types of candy or food.

    I saw ice cream come up more than once on the list, which isn’t very healthy. I think this will affect my lifestyle by opening my eyes to my problems with eating, and now I need to correct them. The movie Super Size Me has been a movie that I have been interested in ever since it first came out, but I never found the time to watch it. So last night when the movie was showing for free, I had no excuse not to go see it.

    I got some really good insights on how terrible fast food is for you. The man’s health in the movie was declining so rapidly the doctors told him he needed to stop with this high-fat diet. When I got out of the movie I took a step back and examined myself and my fast food eating habits. Granted I hate McDonald’s, but I do have a weakness for Taco Bell and KFC, and both of them are almost as bad as Mcdonald’s.

    After watching this movie I am going to seriously cut back on all my fast food intake. I think now, after watching the movie, I will think twice before I chose to go to a fast food place, and try to find something a little more healthy. My trip to the health food store was more of an adventure than I thought it was going to be. First the search to just find the store took some time, and then the search inside the store to find the perfect food took even longer. While in the store I discovered that some of the foods that I love to eat could simply be switched out with an all-natural organic product.

    This made a great impact on me because when I got back from the store I took a look at my 7 day eating log and realized how many of the item on there I could change for an all-natural version. I learned that I really had no idea what it was like to eat healthily. I thought for the longest time that what I was eating was pretty healthy, but looking around the store and realizing that everything I am eating is far from healthy and I should be eating all the stuff in there, really opened my eyes. I think now I will think twice before I go to the grocery and buy that pack of Little Debbie snack cakes, and instead go to the health food store and buy the all-natural version of it.

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