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    ch 2 medical terminology- suffixes indicating diseases or abnormal conditions

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    Term Definition
    Categories of Suffixes – diseases or abnormal conditions
    – surgical procedure
    – diagnostic procedure
    – general suffixes
    – medical specialties or personnel
    – converts word roots into adjectives
    – algia pain
    – asthenia weakness
    – cele hernia, protrusion
    – dynia pain
    – cytosis abnormal cell condition ( too many)
    – ectasis dilated, stretched out
    – edema swelling
    – emesis vomiting
    – emia condition of the blood
    – ia state, condition
    – iasis abnormal condition
    – ism state of, condition
    -itis inflammation
    – lith stone
    – lysis destruction
    – lytic destruction
    -malacia abnormal softening
    -megaly enlargement, large
    – oma tumor, mass
    -osis abnormal condition
    -pathy disease
    – penia too few
    -phobia fear
    – plegia paralysis
    -ptosis drooping
    -rrhage bursting forth
    -rrhagia bursting forth
    -rrhea discharge, flow
    -rrhexis rupture
    -sclerosis hardened condition
    -spasm involuntary muscle contraction
    -stasis stopping
    -stenosis narrowing
    -toxic poison
    -uria condition of the urine

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