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    The Evolution of CD and Data Storage Technology

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    Basically, digital content refers to information available for sharing, or downloaded on electronic media like an eBook or iTunes song, in that chapter one the writer focused on the binary system., The Binary data is processed, stored, and transmitted as a series of 0s and Each 1 or 0 is called a(n) bit. A series of eight 0s and 1s called a (n) byte, Numeric data consists of numbers which suppose to be used in arithmetic operations, and It can be represented digitally using the binary number system. On the other hand, the Character data is composed of symbols, letters, and numerals that might not use in arithmetic operations.

    For the purpose of reducing file transmission times, and it’s size, the digital data can be compressed. The Lossless compression provides the means to compress data and reconstitute it into its original state. Lossy compression throws away some of its original data throughout the compression procedure. The Compressed files normally have .zip at the end of the file name and are comes with special icons. These files have to be unzipped or extracted before we can view the data. The sound, Music, and voices effects can all be recorded and stored on a computer system as digital audio. To digitally record sound, samples of the sound are collected at periodic intervals and stored as numeric data. High-quality sound is usually sampled at 44.1 kHz, and each stereo sample requires 32 bits of storage space.

    To conserve space, radio-quality recordings of speaking voices are often recorded at lower sampling rates. The digital audio file formats include WAV, AAC, WMA, Ogg, and MP3. Most portable media players work with an MP3 format or with the AAC format, used for .m4p files at the iTunes Store. A bitmap graphic is composed of a grid of tiny rectangular cells called pixels. The color of each cell is stored as a binary number. Popular bitmap graphics formats include BMP, TIFF, GIF, JPEG, RAW, and PNG. Of these formats, GIF, JPEG, and PNG are supported by most Web browsers.

    Now a day’s digital devices use a variety of storage technologies. The Magnetic storage technologies, for example, hard disks, store data as particles oriented south or north. whereas a hard disk drive provides multiple platters for data storage that are preserved inside the drive case to prevent airborne contaminants from interfering with the read-write heads. We know that the Hard disks are fewer durable rather than many other types of storage, so it is very important to make a copy of the data they contain. Similarly, the Optical storage technologies store data as a series of pits and lands on the surface of CDs, DVDs, or BDs. Storage technologies, for example, CD ROM, are often used for distributing software, but we cannot alter the disc’s contents.

    Although, the Recordable technology always allows us to write data on a CD, BD, or DVD, we cannot erase or modify that data.
    On the other hand, the rewritable or rerecord able technology allows us to write and remove data on a CD, DVD, or BD. The Solid-state storage technologies, like USB flash drives, store data by activating electrons in a microscopic grid of circuitry. We know that a backup is a copy of documents or files that have been made in case the original files become broken. A proper backup plan allows us to restore a device’s operating system, data files, settings, accounts, software, and profiles in case of a huge hardware crash or virus contamination. The personal computer backups are usually recorded on external hard drives, online storage services, USB flash drives, and network servers.

    The common easy way to get a backup of significant data files is to use the copy command to make duplicates and store them on a pen drive. The Backup utilities such as Time Machine and File History use a technique called file synchronization to make sure that files on two devices are the same. A floppy image is a bit-for-bit copy of the data from all sectors of a hard disk.

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