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    Case Study: The Devil Wears Prada Essay

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    Andrea Sachs ( Anne Hathaway ) , besides known as “Andy” , was late graduated from Northwestern University. She came to New York to go a journalist and direct out letters everyplace but she eventually got a call from Elias-Clarke and met person at Human Resources, so she so applied as an helper.

    Andrea was editor-in-chief of The Daily Northwestern. She besides won a national competition for college journalists with her series on the Janitor’s brotherhood. It merely means one thing. Even though she was slapped in the face by stating she doesn’t have a manner or sense of manner, which was a statement and non a inquiry, she is smart. Ability she has why she got hired by the 1 and merely, Miranda Priestly ( Meryl Streep ) , the icy editor-in-chief of Runway magazine.

    She was hired for the occupation “a million misss would kill for” as a junior personal helper. Her deficiency of manner of manner cognition is one of the grounds why she doesn’t tantrum among the other magazine staffs. The senior personal helper, Emily Charlton ( Emily Blunt ) , is condescending to her. Though with the aid of Nigel ( Stanley Tucci ) , Andrea eventually adjust, even though it is step by measure, get downing to dress more stylishly utilizing free interior decorator vesture and other accoutrements that she fits. Luckily she has her size even though she is non skinny at all.

    She besides encounters author Christian Thompson ( Simon Baker ) , who helped her to acquire the impossible Potter manuscript that Miranda needs for her twin girls. As her occupation continues, the clip for her fellow and friends lessen more.

    Afterwards, Andrea saves Miranda from societal embarrassment at an event when Emily doesn’t retrieve the name of the nearing invitee. As the consequence after that, Miranda tells Andrea that she will attach to her from all the manner events they will travel, particularly the autumn manner shows in Paris, which was Emily was hungering for months. Andrea was given a pick to travel or non. But if she declines, it merely means that she is non serious about her hereafter. Emily was hit by a auto before Andrea could state that she will non travel to Paris with Miranda, doing Andrea no pick.

    The dark before traveling to Paris is the gallery exhibit of her friend Lilly’s ( Tracie Thoms ) picture taking, Andrea once more encounters Christian, who flirts with her, which Lilly has witnessed. Because of the force per unit area within the work and on what happened inside the gallery, it affects in her relationship with Nate ( Adrian Grenier ) which they break up as a consequence before she leaves for Paris.

    Subsequently in the forenoon in Paris, Andrea discovers a program on replacing Miranda as Runway editor with Jacqueline Follet, editor of the Runway Gallic edition. She tried to warn Miranda about it but she is ever disregarding her. Which she found that Miranda knew what was go oning all twenty-four hours long. Subsequently that twenty-four hours, they had this serious conversation sing on the industry they are in to. Andrea so realized that she doesn’t want to be like Miranda. She became another individual because of her occupation which caused her to lose everything she had. Her friends, her fellow, and herself. At the terminal of the twenty-four hours, she found herself go forthing the auto, Miranda, and her occupation behind. Traveling back to her old ego. Prosecuting her most wanted work at the film’s decision.

    She was the hired with the “little help” of Miranda with her stating that Andrea was her biggest letdown of all time and if they didn’t engage her they will be imbeciles. In the last shooting, as Andrea walks by in the Elias-Clarke, she saw Miranda and they exchange glimpses. She smiled at her but icy Miranda is ever an icy Miranda.

    Miranda did non give an indicant of recognizing towards her, but gives a soft smiling inside the auto. But since she is Miranda, she got back to her usual her and severely stating her driver to “GO! ”

    Fictional characters AND THEIR BEHAVIORS

    They have the different sort of behaviour which leads them on holding struggles on each other.

    Miranda Priestly– has the potency of holding harmful and aggressive managerial pattern to obtain flawlessness, ill fame, and success at all costs. Very rigorous and perfectionist.

    Throughout the film, there was a scene that Miranda told Andrea that she is non glamourous and scraggy, and doesn’t have a sense of manner. This sort of behaviour constitutes an insolent type of strong-arming because of the straight abuse to Andrea which can do her violative.

    Another type of behaviour Miranda has is the manner she manages Andrea. Making her to make such impossible things like acquiring the Potter manuscript within four hours, acquiring her steak at eleven-thirty in the forenoon which the eating house opens at the afternoon, booking her flight in the center of typhoon. And if she did non carry through these things, she would lose her occupation. Andrea tried many times merely to discontinue her occupation but besides changes her head because Miranda threatens to blacklist her from obtaining work in other publications. In this sort of behaviour, she is exercising forced control over Andrea, which makes her no pick but to make what she is told.

    Andrea– was forced to make something she can’t make merely to carry through the high outlooks of her foreman. Not because she want it, but because she need it and she doesn’t have a pick.

    Because of the environment Andrea has, which is different in the topographic point of her work, non merely Miranda can make such behaviour like intimidation, but besides her colleagues. They gossip and make remarks about Andrea’s manner of dressing and titling herself, which is evidently really far different from the others. But this sort of state of affairs doesn’t make Andrea attention. Possibly, she is merely disregarding them which make her colleagues shocked on her sudden alteration of visual aspect, with aid of the really sort Nigel.

    In the terminal, she used her assurance on taking the right way for her which is go forthing her work and prosecuting the calling for news media, which is the manner better for her. If she let Miranda took over her control to herself, doing her ain pick or determination, she would ne’er hold the bravery to go forth the company and her occupation behind.


    Because of this sort of behaviour that Miranda has, everyone who works for her is non on the usual attitude they should be. But, they should be another type of individual merely to carry through the full thing they need to make that can delight their foreman, which is so impossible because of the letdown Miranda ever make them experience. In this instance, they turn out to be scared instead than happy in what they are making.


    The film goes with stating that organisations are complicated because they are made up of different types of people. Within these organisations, different sorts of behaviours and attitude exist. In order to decently cognize and understand an organisation, considerations must be made on both positive and negative sides. One must ever place the behaviour, adjust behaviour, and make some schemes in order to last the struggle go oning. In making so, assurance can be obtained, teamwork can do, and healthy relationship between the superior and environment can be possible.

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