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    Case Study of Beit Misk: The Effect of Bigness

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    – Location




    -Foreign investing

    -Imaginary Monetary values


    -Public infinites

    -Natural menace



    -The consequence of largeness

    BeitMisk, is the 1 of the most celebrated residential undertakings in Lebanon that is situated in Atshaneh, Metn, in Mount Lebanon and a 10 proceedingss from the centre of the capital, covering about 655,000 sqm and sum of USD 1,000,000,000 in entire costs. BeitMisk will hold be lodging 1,800 units split into flats and Villas along with stores and retail units. It will besides uses “green” patterns throughout the undertaking, while giving for its resident’s some of the most advanced engineerings, thereby doing it as a “smart” undertaking, harmonizing to international criterions.

    But the of import inquiry is why do we necessitate such a undertaking with large investing and does it truly hold a part to it’s the milieus and to the state?

    Foreign INVESTMENT

    The BLF ( Banque Libano-Francaise ) provinces: “The undertaking joins the more than 41 per cent of the entire value of Arab belongings undertakings in Lebanon that came from UAE investings in 2008, harmonizing to the Inter-Arab Investment Guarantee Corporation one-year study. BeitMisk adds to $ 1bn UAE investings in Lebanon. Any undertaking that is funded from a foreign state may do a menace to Lebanon.” ( BLF,2011 ) Foreigners purchasing packages, metropoliss like Misk is considered that non merely puting but having having a metropolis. Yet, it is a failing to our ain authorities non assisting to financing this sort of undertakings and block aliens. Imagine there are 100s of undertakings like Misk. They will have the state.


    BeitMisk, plays besides an of import portion in stigmatization and advertisement ( hope sweet place ) , creates inspiration through countrywide. Georges Abou Jaoude, Renaissance Holdings, the proprietors of the undertaking said: “ We believe that the success of this branding enterprise will lend greatly in ongoing countrywide attempts to heighten ‘Brand Lebanon ‘ among foreign investors from the UAE and beyond, ” ( Georges Abou Jaoude,2010 ) However, Beitmisk has no relation with Lebanese civilization and heritage, it doesn’t define as Lebanese. And branding for what? For an flat that you can ne’er afford. Yet these stigmatizations mark non locals but aliens. And it doesn’t have certain portion that is designated for low incomes purchasers and more than half of the populations live in poorness.

    IMAGENARY Monetary values

    “If this is a small town it should be low-cost, person state me how much does a house there cost? ” ( unknown,2012 )

    Abou Jaoude, president of Beitmisk said that: “I acknowledged that the rise in the monetary values of belongingss has reduced the appetency of Lebanese to purchase existent estate and flats compared to old old ages. The Lebanese can no longer get by with lifting existent estate monetary values. The monetary value of land had risen alarmingly and to the extent that it has reflected on the value of flats and for this ground the market can no longer digest this [ world ] , ” he said. In his sentiment, the Lebanese have begun to alter old wonts inherited by their parents and grandparents when it came to purchasing an flat. “In the old yearss, many Lebanese used to purchase a place in the metropolis and lease a house in the mountains in the summer. The good thing about Beit Misk is that a household can pass the summer and winter in the part thanks to its propinquity to Beirut and sensible height, ” he said. ( Abou Jaoude, 2012 ) If it is non low-cost, why would you construct such a undertaking? What Mr. Abou Jouade said does non reply to the inquiry. If it is the lone topographic point for holidaying ( like rents and chalets ) , there are other topographic points which are cheaper and I think that most parents will non lease such compounds for their kids.

    UTILITY SALVATION( used besides as stigmatization )

    Mr. Abou Jaoude provinces: “I believe that many Lebanese are still populating in a province of denial. We shouldn’t bury that we had a civil war in 1975. This does non intend that there will be a repeat of this war. But however, we need to make consciousness among the people to avoid such scenarios in the hereafter. This requires the cooperation of the intelligence media in Lebanon, ” he said. “Generators ARE HISTORY” triping people’s wonder so the other telling headline “24 hours electricity… ” In the terminal, Beit Misk knew that advertisement is “the” tool for a successful selling attack. ( Abou Jaoude, 2012 ) We’re merely excessively stupid that most of us bought it. BeitMisk is giving solutions within its ain district merely. It doesn’t attention for the exterior and the part. It is non repairing Lebanon’s chief electricity job or offering us a gas option. So, these advertizements are fallacious merely. And the monetary value of electricity may stay the same. It is impossible for private generator measure to be cheaper than the electricity provided by the authorities. The lone difference is that the electricity won’t be cut down from clip to clip and there will be visible radiations on the streets at dark.


    Wael Hmaidan, executive manager of IndyAct, a conference of independent environmental, societal and cultural militants discuses: “One of many undertakings that are defacing what’s left of Matn’s landscape. There was a full side of a mountain full of trees before that undertaking invaded the country, do you truly believe that they would replant every torn tree, who said that this country can manage a 800 Million $ lodging compound? But the “Neo-Dai3a” term is rather fitting, this is precisely what this undertaking does it mime our traditional small towns with a cement mammoth. But with many of Lebanon’s high mountains already spoiled by ill planned development and half reinforced concrete places and flat edifices, is the good upper Metn truly a topographic point to construct a suburban vicinity? But BeitMisk may be claimed as environmentally friendly ; the president of the undertaking is said that it will have public squares, full with broad unfastened green infinites. Hmaidan besides claims that: “BeitMisk will destruct the natural home ground and the ecosystem of a large portion of the mountain forest. There will be plantations instead than a forest ecosystem. You can non compare it. A tree does more than give O. It is a home ground, a house and an eco-system. ( Wael Hmaidan, 2013 ) He says that the some governments are against these undertakings, but have no will and power to barricade every development that threatens what is left of the Lebanese natural wealth. Unfortunately, Hmaidan says that runing against these sort of buildings or any individual development is a lost instance. What we should make is to organize a program policy in the state so such developments would non be produced if they threaten the sustainability of Lebanese natural wealth. “We can go on like this until we don’t have a individual wood in Lebanon” , Hmaidan says: “we can make urban planning and a system to profit all degrees of society. The ecosystem argument seams valid, though, and one can ne’er cognize how if they truly did all what they claimed they had done.” Nothing is sadder than to destruct nature. If you want to construct such undertaking, you should analyze the environment or possibly construct it near the metropolis that is least causing harm the environment and the ecosystem. To me, such large countries for development should be consulted by urbanists.


    A Saudi politician has been freed early this month after being kidnapped from his ain residential flat which he bought in Beit Misk and held surety for several yearss. ( An-Nahar, 2012 ) .An probe was held and a phone interview was established, Ahmed al-Ajaji, the kidnapped individual, said: “On March the 9th I was kiping at my ain place in the Beit Misk undertaking and woke up subsequently to happen myself someplace else, ” he believes that he was drugged and taken a hostage.The kidnapers had demanded a 20 thousand dollars ransom in exchange for his release.Based on the kidnapers ‘ speech pattern ; Ajaji suspected that they were from the Bekaa town of Baalbek despite their disclosure that they were Syrians. Because it is a large undertaking, and it is known that the proprietors of this town have high income, it will make insecurity and particularly it is a large undertaking where it does non a have a tough security system or metropolis scale constabulary section.

    In decision, Beitmisk is someway a menace to Lebanon. Just like any other large and metropolis graduated table undertakings, particularly if they are private undertakings or even worst if the alien have besides put their custodies in to it. We should be really careful and analyze more about these sort undertakings ( Like promenades ) . I understand people who want to investing or purchase lands and construct concrete walls and sell them for net income but aliens come and purchase them. Possibly the authorities should take into consideration these sorts of menaces. Small persons should make little undertakings like building a individual house and the authorities takes attention of public infinites.


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