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    Case Study of Architect Winston Chu

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    Architect Winston Chu’s design attack is based on simpleness and practicality. Looking at his architecture works, they were designed with simple geometrical lines and signifiers. He does non make fancy architecture, but his designs are able to present a message and give individuality to the edifices. Other than the design signifiers, Architect Winston Chu besides strongly believe that a edifice design should be based on the site history and context Internet Explorer: it should talk for the edifice. He besides ensures that a edifice has a soft facet to accomplish a balance between nature and architecture.

    The ground I pick Johor Premium Outlet as my research edifice is because the edifice design attack carry through the above mentioned standards.

    Developed in direct response to the enormous growing in Johor State, ( 1stPremium Outlet in Malaysia ) Johor Premium Outlet is a 45 acre piece of land at a cardinal main road intersection merely 30 proceedingss from Senai airdrome. The location was selected for its propinquity to downtown finishs. With the project’s retail lying near to the major main road viz. North South Highway, Senai Desaru Highway and 2nd nexus main road to Singapore ; easy and convenient entree with equal parking were of import factor to guarantee the JPO are good patronized. What was one time an oil thenar estate with rippling terrain has been transformed into an established and successful premium mercantile establishment cater to shoppers in peculiar tourer, both local and international. The mercantile establishment has a sing platform worthy of its hilly puting.

    Climatic Condition

    The characteristic characteristics of the tropical clime of Malaysia are unvarying temperature, high humidness and heavy rainfall. During terrible drouth, which may last one to two months, the temperature may make up to 35 grade Celsius.

    The Johor Premium mercantile establishment tantrum in about 130 tenant infinites distributed along an interior-oriented prosaic promenade. The curvilinear layout and strategic placement of single blocks to guarantee the premium mercantile establishment is exposed to the shopper stroll down to the promenade. Cost effectual agencies were found to cover significant countries of interior promenade, in position of local conditions conditions, yet admit every bit much as natural visible radiation as possible.

    The Johor Premium Outlet is a simple but elegant construction, taking cues from agribusiness edifices. Site planning and architectural design were pursued at the same time to make consistent cloth. The infinite was made more attractive by sets of landscape gardening and the synergistic fountain. Street and pavement are designed to go forthample infinite for seting of trees.Fountains and landscape environing the retail blocks serve as shadowing component and sound buffers against nearby traffic. During hot conditions, the fountain besides acts as a chilling mechanism and a brooding pool which helps to reflect the heat off from the edifice ; while besides ask foring chilling zephyrs.

    Sing the sum of sunshine to be received by the edifice, greater accent is given to constructing orientation to avoid lifting and puting Sun in the east west orientation. Large facing Windowss are located on the north south facade to supply bright natural visible radiation for the retail infinites. The mercantile establishments are laid out around with streetscapes such as synergistic fountain and street furniture. The single edifice blocks are connected by big canopy paseo. And strategic arrangement of fanlight allowed sunshine to perforate into the big canopy. The retail shop is recessed to guarantee the comfort of the shoppers.

    In the site within, rock and glass reinforce the image of elation and openness. Natural rock floors and wood panelling brings complementary heat to the inside.

    Sing the tropical clime factor in Malaysia, architect Winston Chu has chosen pitched roof for the Johor Premium Outlet edifice blocks to battle the high rate of rainfall. Flip crucifix allows rain H2O to flux off at quicker velocity, forestalling the rainwater to roll up and take to possible escapes job and amendss.

    With accent of natural airing and heat control, proper choice of roof tile stuff with natural ability to insulate and reflect heat generated by direct sunshine becomes of import. Clay tile which meet the above standard was hence adopted. Clay roof tile is able to maintain the edifice from having inordinate heat thereby maintaining the indoor temperature cool and comfy.

    Therefore by choosing the right stuff, strategic orientation of the edifice and landscape planting and street furniture addressed the climatic standards of the Premium Outlet design.

    Architectural Theory

    Regionalism architecture is a manner of nearing edifice design through an consciousness and grasp of its regional context and is derived from its local scene. Regionalism means something that is native to a topographic point and harmonized attractively with the clime, topography, landscape gardening, autochthonal edifice stuffs, local surrounding, local civilization and local values.

    The Johor Premium Outlet edifice program is based on a grid of walkable blocks ( site context contour ) , flexible in footings of utilizations, laid out so that undertaking frame public unfastened infinites. A parking scheme supports the denseness required ( Zoning ) . Plan layout, seting and illuming are designed to keep sight lines to the public presentation patio.

    The styling of critical regionalism seeks to supply architecture that rooted in the modern tradition, but tied to geographical and cultural context. Blending historical and modern-day architecture, the edifice brings urban imagination to a hitherto suburban community. To minimized perturbation of natural topography and dirt infiltration ensuing from inordinate rainfall surface overflow, brick-paved roads and pathwaies, and crushed rock swales for on-street parking are used.

    The edifice block constructions is arrange in a manner to organize a pedestrian-scale civic infinite.

    The usage of deep overhangs, rock veneer coatings and exposed steel column construction building characterized regionalism architecture attack. Regionalism architecture does non see as edifice that deliver national individuality but simply to construct a inactive design shelter in response to local clime.

    The architectural look of the mercantile establishment is the combination of modern-day and local individuality, with articulated edifice volumes painted in natural Earth colourss, dual floors making a low street and high street shopping country, and big metal canopy linking the single edifice blocks. In the grand-scaled public infinites, the historical and cultural significance of the edifice have been reinforced. Above the activity of the street, high street offers more distant positions, overlooking the hilly mountain environing the site.

    For this site, the designer has designed a rugged, modern-day, two-story edifice having a curvilineal facade, expansive glass,corridors, and typical rock inside informations. Street forepart of the Johor Premium Outlet face common leafy vegetables, with pavements promoting prosaic activity. Landscape added into the edifice act as continuity to the site context which is surrounded by hills and verdures. This besides helps to soften the edifice temper and gives a soothing consequence. The fountain stands as a landmark and sets the tone for the streamlined character of the infinite. Trail is being built, and its wraparound promenade will promote alfresco shopping and community activity overlooking the streetscape.

    Focal points are created by originative tile agreement and form. Strategic layout gives the feel of capaciousness and that besides leads to shopping in comfort and non over crowded. Proper prosaic and vehicular traffic circulation within and around JPO avoids congestion and congestion of traffic. Traffic flow is enhanced by a well program immersion and emersion route system.


    Materials play an of import function non merely as something which would weather good but it connects adult male to his antediluvian beginnings as portion of Nature’s kids. Frank Lloyd Wright can be said to be the male parent of an organic attack which saw the possible lessons of the past traditional architecture.

    Premium Outlet requires a planetary and international architecture design, but still keeping its local individuality and characteristic. It is a progressive attack to plan that seeks to intercede between the planetary and the local linguistic communications of architecture.

    In Johor Premium Outlet design, natural stuffs such as rock veneer, clay and bricks ; these stuff used suggest the phantasy of a tropical nature Eden.

    A coveted feel of modern-day and natural in tonic countries was created with independent individual sided constructions finished with glass, barrel clay tile, Cu and local rock veneers – stuffs that balance the natural and modern-day expressions characteristic of the part.

    Elevations consciously define the public kingdom, while giving the retail renters a semi-private envelope.

    Material such as brick, clay and rock reflects the traditional architecture of the community, while reacting to the modern design of the encompassing edifice.

    Contemporary stuffs such as Cu, metal and glass are besides used to give a harmonisation and balance to the edifice mentality.

    Sing the chief map of the Johor Premium Outlet – glass window is extremely used due to the importance to exhibit the vesture and merchandises in order to pull consumers.

    Similar colour tone was selected for the edifice to give continuity and make the same temper. Colorss derived from the local vegetation, zoology, sky, and Earth reinforce the regional feeling. Exterior pavement is of brick utilizing exposed hard-seeded, water-washed glass sum in a assortment of colourss, with slate tile countries. Native plantings reinforce the regional character.

    Mission clay tiles, besides called Barrel tiles and S-curved tiles, have a extremely rounded curve which gives the traditional expression to Spanish manner buildings.To achieve higher coefficient of reflection and emissivity indices ; the traditional red-orange barrel clay tile was chosen to accomplish cool roof values.

    Rock is from local preies, and patio and paseos are paved with ruddy bricks.


    Early exposure to landscape design simple and practical design during his internship has contributed to his presence twenty-four hours architecture attack and design doctrine.

    Architect Winston Chu used the environmental conditions to his advantage by following the natural infinite conditioning consequence of the Sun, air current and H2O to maintain the infinite comfortable. Choice of orientation, signifier, coloring material and stuffs for the edifice, Windowss, form, manner and location of external, shadowing was done meticulously for maximal benefit. Such an attack to edifice that takes advantage of natural conditions for maintaining the life infinite comfortable is called solar inactive architecture.


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