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Case Study of Architect Chin Tuck Heng

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Ar.Chin Tuck Heng presently in his 60’s was born in twelvemonth 1952, 14ThursdayFebruary in Penang. He who has a deep passion for humanistic disciplines and stand out with winging colourss in his surveies during his period of analyzing in Malaysia leads him to step into the way of architecture. There was no specific event that triggered or inspired him to analyze architecture at first, yet things go otherwise when his father’s friend who was an designer starts to detect his involvement in humanistic disciplines material. He brings stuffs such as balsa forests seeing that the small Chin would do theoretical accounts ( plane /gliders ) out from it. These were the formative old ages to seed the seed in ulterior old ages for him to see analyzing architecture. At this phase, it has shown how influential people or event around him who have affect him during his childhood phase every bit good as how much the turning environment proved to be affects his determination in his ulterior phase of life.

Despite of this, you would cognize him to be a individual who emphasize on importance of user demands as fundamental in architecture design procedure. He has quoted, “if Us have imagined it, you can do it” in one of his interview. The whole thought is non standing on how good he caters to user demands, but besides how he creates intending to infinites by following stuff, engineering and most of import of all, the experience he gained throughout his life non merely as an designer but besides as a kid, pupil and finally a male parent. The series of events shows that wisdom he gained is the key for bring forthing the thoughts for his architecture and on behalf of this ground, it sparks my involvement to explicate the manner of Ar.Chin form his topographic point in conformity to his belief and his ain universe position.

DUMC ( Damansara Utama Methodist Church ) , as the name suggested is a church built as a meeting topographic point for different activities and services for the Methodist spiritual people. The difference between the being of this church would be the architecture where the early architecture being brings in to Malaysia would hold the characteristic of the early Christian church edifice such as nave and aisles for believers and communion tables for the arrangement of sacred memorial etc. Being situated in Seksyen 52,46200, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, an urban town which located near to Malaysia’s federal capital is an about 6700 m2edifice of typical local hall design to suit the intent gather of group of people runing from households to adolescents to immature grownups as good for them to run aboard each other in the race of life as trusters of Christ. Due to this ground, I would hold believed the initial thought of DUMC being designed would chiefly based on typical functional architecture of local context and involvement the user groups.

The analysis of DUMC was done chiefly based on 3 factors, including clime, map and architectural theory. The issue of clime was discussed foremost as the design of local edifice would be greatly affected by conditions context. User comfort is the top precedence of planing architecture in Malaysia due to the hot and humid conditions throughout the twelvemonth. A good architecture in local should hold adhere and responded to these issues and cut down edifice energy use in long footings. The initial move taken to react to this issue would be the signifier where the long facade sitting in context is orientated confronting south-east and north-west alternatively of straight on east side and west side where the Sun exposure is the highest and longest across clip. Metal adorning roofing stuff and thick concrete is used chiefly to react to the long term sunshine at Malaysia. It has low heat soaking up as comparison to its mass and reflects heat good while the roof is pitched utilizing curving signifier suits local frequent raining conditions which allows minimal burden accumulate at top during raining season. Fenestration is controlled and at minimal sum particularly at east, west and south facade to cut down heat addition in edifice. Big overhang is chosen every bit good to shadow wider fenestration such as the entryway from sunshine. Another chief design component would be the planning of nucleus infinites where it responded to the issues of heat in clime. The nucleus infinites particularly the hall which contain the most frequent human activity is situated in in-between and off from outer tegument of edifice so that the direct heat oven consequence for that country is reduced. This manner the chilling burden needed for that country would be greatly reduced and therefore energy wastage can be greatly reduced.

The following analysis issue would be map as it determines how good the infinites are coordinated to function the intent particularly of the given edifice footmark country every bit immense as of 6700 m2has to be the topographic point of activity for a big sum of people. The viability of the design to suit the intent and meets the demands is of import as it would intend how good the demands of user is fulfilled as followed by the infinite map. The first measure taken to carry through map is the map to infinite demand ratio. It is observed that for every chief infinite, it is good equipped with other subsidiary infinites to carry through the chief map. For illustration, the hall country is equipped with necessary infinites such as a balanced sum of siting country, public comfortss and private country. Spaces such as Ussher suites, phase control country, media room, crew suites, phase public-service corporations room and orchestra cavities, are provided every bit to carry through the map of the expansive hall. We should non pretermit the importance of handicapped for sharing the equality of utilizing the infinites. It can be observed partially of the chief infinites are designed with inside informations particularly the chief entryway is of ramp alternatively of stairss. However, this type of entree is found chiefly at land floor of import country instead than other degree. This suggested the user is being less considered in this instance when compared to the event of fulfill the map of the edifice. To carry through the map the infinites has to be maximized plenty for big sum of user. From the site program provided, it is studied that the edifice infinite is maximized to extent after sing the entree route and bing edifice block about. This enable the map of the centre particularly the chief hall infinites and secondary school etc to construct to full possible supplying back uping infinites are plenty every bit good. Rather than bring forthing expansive and munificent ornamentation to mean the entryway of the edifice, the entryway is introduced on the facade with multiple glazing doors every bit good as a simple ruddy vinyl membrane canopy above that distinguished itself from other entrywaies. This grounds above strongly suggested the thought of planing this edifice by carry throughing the map of the infinites particularly when comparing to the user groups in footings of importance.

The architectural theory suggested and in close propinquity to the design of this edifice would be modern theory as the edifice follow the modern idea and character. From the land floor program and roof-top layout, it is observed that they have the features of to the full maximized infinite secret plan by following the close aureate rectangle layout from the roof country to most of the smallest service infinites in the edifice. It is observed and shown that the acceptance of stuff and map of infinites determine the consequences of the edifice. The infinites consist of phase and seating country which require high and column-less infinite. By utilizing lightweight metal deck roofing stuff, it is able to accomplish and carry through the infinite demand by utilizing far apart concrete column back uping the edifice infinite and signifier. This is followed by the lift demoing the facade is of simple stiff massing when comparing to the figure of infinites indoors. The signifier is simplified and there are minimal ornaments and inside informations when the facade is expressed by utilizing the biggest size fenestration every bit good as simple and utile nylon overhang to stress the entryway. The infinites in the edifice are organized equally and each zone is specified to their ain map without interfere other zone activities. This shows the deficiency of jumble infinite as in modern edifice characters. From the concluding above, the edifice provides a cogent evidence of modern theory of nearer to Le Corbusier where in one of his quotation marks, “building should work as machines for life in” . Analogous to a auto, the edifice is fit to the intent of carry throughing the maps of user, where the signifier of the edifice follows the map.

During his childhood, Ar.Chin would hold witnessed that strong architecture influence as a demand to carry through and provide basic primary demands of user/occupants which is the exact as how DUMC is designed today in order to carry through the map of the edifice itself. It will be rural back so in his childhood where development would hold merely started particularly in Penang. Back so the edifice would even hold made from wooden enclosure and attap roof and the “modern building” during that period would be concrete massing and tile roofing. The difference in environment during that period and finally the period today would hold consciously leave impact in his design determination as the significance of architecture would mean otherwise in footings of senses to him. As in clime factor, a typical roof would be a normal pitch roof to be used in Malaysia to suit the edifice. Alternatively, he utilizing a smooth, soft curved roof which really sits on the edifice itself like a soft manus embrace the on the edifice and land. He explores the design of this edifice with its simplest signifier and the riddance of unneeded inside informations like how others constructing site about local context. The signifier of others edifices would look merely like how it looks utilizing purest concrete stuff and simple metal adorning roofing and what makes the differentiation between them in the metropolis is the soft curved roof with the contact ruddy colour. It gives the edifice a sense of belonging to that country with a simple item feature on it. The DUMC touches on the cultural event that happens every individual weekend that gathers big group trusters of Christ to further closer relationship between them as leting them to acquire to cognize their faith better. The acceptance of each stuff on each infinite determines the consequence of how each infinite is able to utilize comfortably. As a turning environment determines how the people are turning in it.

Therefore, the centre is well-planned built in suited proportions and symmetricalnesss to heighten the spacial qualities. I believe the edifice poses the features and he was witting of what it is. The roof on the edifice signifies its ain differentiation with its colour and creates a shelter with its signifier for the people underneath it. The solid walls which is of mass concrete protected them and creates map for them to hold indoors safely mundane every bit good as the privateness it creates with each infinite designed specifically for map. It indicates the infinite adequateness of the edifice which is premium in the edifice and this would means the function of the edifice would be the major factor that affects how the public assistance of the terminal user and therefore the activities Is able to be run swimmingly and successfully. The sense of infinite and topographic point are being defined as people being and going where it can non take root until it being realized. It therefore gives intending through the design of construction and its infinites, without much ornamentations, yet rich in significances. It touches the phenomena where a construction affects the component of civilization which is consists of local fluctuations. Hence, it speaks the construct of structural linguistics, which in the terminal emphasized the inter-relationship and every bit good advancing the environment and the experience of user.

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