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    Case study of aqualisa quartz shower Essay

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    1. What is Quartz’ current selling scheme?Company conducted market research. exhausted EU5.

    8 million in development. invested in a new state-of-the-art testing installation. acquired 9 patents. grew technology squad from 6 to 20 and established phases of new merchandise development grapevine. Company spent 90 % of their sale attempts on keeping bing histories and 10 % on developing new clients.

    Company had longstanding direct relationship with a group of pipe fitters. Sale force contacted its web of pipe fitters. naming face-to-face to present and explicate the new merchandise.
    2. What are the wants/needs of pipe fitters? Of consumers?Consumers wants a shower that looked great.

    delivered good force per unit area at a suited temperature. was easy to utilize and doesn’t interrupt down. ( Consumers in the premium section emphasizes on manner. Consumers in the standard monetary value scope tended to stress on public presentation and service. Consumers in vale section were chiefly concerned with convenience and monetary value and they liked to avoid solutions that required any digging ) .

    Plumbers wanted a shower that was easy to put in. with a warrant to non interrupt down or necessitate service. ( Plumbers by and large preferred to put in a individual shower trade name and highly loath to exchange trade names. They liked to familiarise with the service they could anticipate from a maker. They distrusted invention ) .

    3. What is the Quartz value proposition to pipe fitters? To consumers? Plumbers are able to shorten the installing clip from 2 yearss to half-day. The installing is straightforward that pipe fitters could even direct their immature learners to finish full occupation. For the consumers. the Quartz shower provides efficient and dependable H2O force per unit area and temperature with an easy-to-use “one-touch” control mounted on shower wall for mark temperature puting and indicant. 4.

    Describe the competitory state of affairs. Who are the major rivals? What are their comparative strengths and failings? The major rivals include Triton. Mira and Masco. Aqualisa:-Strength: good repute. top-quality shower. premium trade name.

    greatservice. market portion: figure 2 in blending valves and figure 3 in overall UK market. -Weakness: market is get downing to comprehend Aqualisa merchandises as being overpriced.

    Triton:-Strength: Dominant in electric showers and it is the lone company in the market established trade name consciousness at the consumer degree. Although it is non major in blending valve market.

    it may spread out its concern range and influence market with its extremely reputable trade name name. -Weakness: non good known in blending valve
    Masco. Ideal Standard. etc:-Strength: They are catching up to Aqualisa in footings of merchandise quality. -Weakness: They have non developed nucleus engineerings in showers yet.

    5. Why is the Quartz shower non selling?– One of the grounds is that the company gross revenues force spends merely 10 % of their attempts in developing new clients and they reply on their long-standing relationships with pipe fitters. – Plumbers were wary of invention. peculiarly invention affecting electronics. – Salesmen tend to gloss over other company’s merchandise if Quartz is mentioned.

    Aqualisa spent three old ages and ˆ5. 8 million developing the Quartz. Was the merchandise worth the investing? Is Quartz a niche merchandise or a mainstream merchandise? Yes. the merchandise is worth the investing of EU5. 8 million. It is a good scheme to put about 11 % of its “base profit” for developing a radically different sort of shower with proving installation.

    patent place merchandise roadmap. etc. For 60 % of households had shower with batch of mechanical jobs and inconvenient usage experiences. Quartz with it’s important advantages were designed to suit their customer’s demands. The conventional shower can no longer fulfill the market demand. invention and client value bringing is the market tendency since everlastingly.

    As the consequence. the development of Quartz proved Aqualisa’s trade name value in marketing base facet by presenting “cleverness” of the merchandise and its “elegant design” . As for finance facet. Quartz provides higher client value merchandises with considerable border which even higher than core products-Aquavalve 609.

    Based on these factor. Quartz is worth the investing in the long tally. Quartz is a niche merchandise. good for places with kids. or for aged and the disableds.

    7. Aqualisa presently has three trade names: Aqualisa. Gainsborough and ShowerMax. What is the principle behind this multiple trade name scheme? Does it do sense? Gainsborough and ShowerMax are designed and branded for specific markets.

    It is a good scheme to develop different merchandises based on the company nucleus engineerings for specific mark clients. ShowerMax is banded specifically for developers. Elementss of the Aquavalve engineering are redesigned and re-branded for the ShowerMax production line and optimized for developers’ specific needs. It is a low-priced solution of high force per unit area shower with Aquavavle engineering.

    Gainsborough is branded for DIY market and it is available in 70 % of the about 3000 DIY mercantile establishments in the U. K. It is designed for tie ining Aqualisa’s premium trade name with its discounted DIY channel.

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