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    Case Study: Ocean Carriers Essay

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    Executive sum-up

    Ocean Carriers is contemplating the chance of qualifying a 3-year leasing contract that would necessitate commissioning the building of a new vas. In the short term applied hire rates are diminishing. merely as they should be on the recovery side get downing 2003. While subscribing a new client and hence spread outing the concern. the aforesaid investing should be undertaken in Hong Kong. Furthermore. a 15year undertaking is preferred. therefore trashing the vas at an estimated monetary value of $ 5M in order to reinvest that sum and avoid confronting heavier approaching costs.

    Although the longer permanent undertaking ( 25 old ages ) guarantees a higher net present value and forecasted rates seem to be increasing. less legerity on future market occasions. increasing hire rates volatility and hazards to bear for the corporation must be considered. Furthermore. the alleged strong correlativity between figure of cargos and hire rates is being questioned.

    Summary of facts

    Provided that Ocean carrier’s fleet doesn’t present a ship which meets the new customer’s demands and that a reasonably long clip is needed to construct a new one. the direction has to make up one’s mind in 2001 whether to committee a vas for a 3-year clip charter get downing in 2003 at an initial day-to-day hire rate of $ 20. 000 turning at a gait of $ 200 per twelvemonth of contract.

    Statement of the job

    Many factors are to be considered such as the day-to-day hire rate and operating cost tendencies. the supply and demand of Fe ore and steel which form the 85 % of capesize dry majority carriers’ cargos. The headquarter location. on which the revenue enhancement government depends. is excessively a critical determination: piece in Hong Kong the operations would be exempt from revenue enhancement. they would account for 35 % on net income in New York.


    For a better comprehension of the job. we foremost focused on some possible results depending on supply and demand inclination. In the short term. an surplus of supply ( 63 new vass ) and no major forces act uponing the demand will do the hire rates to drop. Besides. if the confer withing group is to be to the full trusted. a crisp lessening in Fe ore vessel cargos will drive down monetary values every bit good. Looking at a longer skyline. supply and demand drivers are chiefly. for the latter. the universe economic system as a whole and trade forms i. e. the longer distance the more demand. and for the former the efficiency and size of vass ( negative correlativity ) . the demand for transporting capacity and the age of the ships. These factors reveal positive long-run effects. Due to Australian ad Indian demand rocketing. exports will spread out along with higher trading volume.

    Furthermore. Ocean bearers presents an advantage with respects to their ships: they are bigger and newer therefore meriting a plus 15 % factor over standard monetary values. Nevertheless. inauspicious facets should be taken into history every bit good. such as the inefficiency in constructing a new vas ( 2 old ages ) which could take to a turning demand for net working capital in order to beef up the company’s fiscal place and do it able to confront sudden hard currency escapes. In add-on. given their better growing form. Ocean Carriers should favor the topographic point and non the clip day-to-day engage rates alternatively of locking themselves up in long term. less flexible contracts.

    Our position for the long tally is decidedly positive though non outstanding. with future growing resembling the rising prices degree. Sing the mentioned facts every bit good as all the premises. the pick that has to be made will be chiefly influenced by the day-to-day hire rates. These factors are the most volatile and hard to foretell and act upon income. net income and eventually cash-flows. Ms Linn’s determination should measure different and unpleasant results before taking a determination based merely on cash-flows’ NPV. First. when comparing Hong Kong’s and new York’s NPV. the no revenue enhancement zone is clearly the better pick ( see table 3 and 4 for computations ) . with the 35 % straight-line American revenue enhancement killing most of the net incomes from the investment’s first old ages. Even if we consider an accelerated depreciation system ( MACRS ) and compare tantamount net incomes. rente figures are still worse for taxed countries ( chart 3 ) .

    From this computation we begin to see how existent cash-flow tantamount rentes are non markedly different between the 15 and 25-year no-tax undertakings. If accurately analysed. inter-period NPVs show an unexpected image ( table and graph 1 ) . If the reinvestment of the bit value could vouch a existent rate of return similar to the price reduction used ( dismiss rate=9 % . rising prices rate=3 % . existent discount=5. 83 % ) . the two NPVs move closer. This partly explains why. of the two. the shorter investing is the best: a significant ball of the 25-year project’s NPV ( 74 % ) is created in the latter period of the investing ( 2017-2027 ) when monetary values are barely predictable. more volatile and easy influenced by present outlooks. $ 610. 159. 93 auxiliary hard currency income are non deserving 10 more old ages of keeping period: operating and study costs become excessively heavy to prolong the extra period of investing.

    We carried on our analysis by looking at the hire rates and their expected value. The strong correlativity between charter rates and cargos reported by the confer withing house is now being took into consideration ( table and graph 2 ) . The outsourced analysis provinces that when shipment Numberss rise so should the same charter rates. Unfortunately this is incorrect under a statistical point of position: whilst cargos and 3-year hire rates seem really somewhat related. the figure of cargos and the topographic point rates go surprisingly in the opposite way ( Pearson correlativity index= ( 0. 3783 ) ) . Hence. long term NPV needs to be managed carefully being based on premises non wholly true.


    The 15-year. no-tax investing is the right pick. The NPV of this undertaking turns out to be positive. taking us to urge the signature of the contract. Turning down this operation would intend blowing future net incomes. Furthermore. the 25-year undertaking is insecure: it could dry out the company’s hard currency and equivalents and forestall the reinvestment of the bit value ( $ 5M ) in more profitable undertakings. The excess return doesn’t justify a 10 twelvemonth longer investing based on many undependable premises. non supported by statistical informations and which does non allow the flexibleness that a shorter one would.

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