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    Camping: Campfire and Best Friend Essay

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    People say taking a vacation is becoming expensive and a waste of time. Well living in the country as a child was like camping every weekend. We spent hours out in the forest of trees we had on the property, many adventures were made there. We had our own swim hole at the river on the property. My brothers had built a fort out of railroad ties. We spent many nights sleeping out under the stars, camping to me is like reliving childhood. I feel that its a chance to reconnect with family and friends, experience new adventure, and enjoy the outdoors.

    I had such a time camping with my best friend and family July of 2004. Our trip was at Lake Solano in Winters, Ca. we spent two wonderful days there. Our first night after setting up camp, we spent the evening by the river bank. Enjoying the outdoors has a way of bring out your imagination. There was a full moon that casted a light over the river and reflected up on the other side. Looking at the landscape, we decided to play a game, using the trees line above to make images. We stared at the trees, letting our imagination go.

    We saw a mother bear with a cub, a man carrying a fishing pole, an elephant standing on a ball. This went for hours. What was real funny, we went back the next morning, the images we had seen the night before were not the same. One of the joys of Mother Nature, the daylight had changed the landscape. While camping, you also experience new adventures. One day we rented a canoe. We had planned to go up the river back to camp, well that was easier said than done. Its best to know how to row a canoe, seeing that this was my first time, I had no clue.

    Rhonda, my best friend, tried to give me a quick lesson. I could not get the hang of it. She became so angry with me, because we kept ending up on the bank of the river. I wasn’t helping matters by laughing so hard, I thought was hilarious. We did make back to camp, no help from me. We switched over to kayaks, this time I was on my own as far as rowing. This too was a new challenge, kayaks are a lighter. You need to keep yourself balanced very well, otherwise you’ll tip over.

    It took some time, and a few close calls, but once I got the hang of it I relaxed. I found being on the water and gliding across it so easily was very relaxing. Overcoming new challenges gives you a sense of accomplishment. Another benefit of vacation is reconnecting with friends and family. Each day begins, and ends at the camp fire. Talking about the different activities for the day, or telling about the things that happened that day, gives you a time of reconnecting with everyone.

    Sitting around the campfire, making meals, roasting marshmallows to make smores, or just enjoying the quiet surroundings of nature. I feel camping is a great way to relax, spend time with family and friends, enjoy nature, and experience new adventures. In these American times we value hard work, we are always pushing ourselves to work harder, and get ahead in life. At times we need to take a moment for ourselves to rejuvenate from the stressful lifestyles we live. Camping enables us to relax and enjoy a slower pace of life.

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