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    Buddha Teaching Essay (1297 words)

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    Buddha realized that nothing was really permanent. He asked himself what is this life like? Buddha thus gave his message to his father, wife and son. They gave no importance to religious rituals. He tried to find out why the mind distracted. He added a spirit of tolerance and tolerance to this mission. He spoke against unrelated scholarship for a better life. emphasis was on complete purity in every aspect of daily life, opposed to being forced to live a worldly life against its will.

    Before he attains nirvana, calls his stepbrother Anand to his side to impart his final message. He told Anand that this truth was learned from his own experience. he laid down three principles for all works. He called this mindness ‘Nirvana’. Buddhists were roaming around the country in search of spiritual peace and freedom. He declared that only holy thoughts can lead to sacred speech. The word Buddha comes from pali language basic word ‘Buddha’, which means awakening, and Buddha is the one who awakens to the true nature of things as taught in the four great truths. Buddha is different from other enlightened human beings, as Arhata is based on the fact that he discovers himself (reality), rather than listening to someone else. Buddhism is often represented in the form of sculptures and paintings.

    Buddha then realized that he should not go to extremism in order to plague his body and avoid extremism and adopt a golden or medium way. Buddha gave his own experiences of samadhi: ‘In this way I free my mind from the humiliation of worldly existence, from the liberation of ignorance, from the exploitation of free thoughts, from ignorance of the psychic pleasures.

    Buddha discussed and debated with his old disciples, who were in the forest of Arvilla when they left him. He made sixty pupils and sent them in different directions to normalize his theory. Not to question them about the origin of the world, but about the existence and nature of God. Buddha statues encourage us to develop our inner qualities to achieve happiness, happiness and satisfaction in our lives. They are disappointed with many indigenous fortunes and mini-gods of China and Japan, including Laughing Buddha or Lucky Buddha.

    Some of his sayings and thoughts are very pure as you can read in the following Buddhist statements. ‘Everything we think is the result. All things disappear and disappear with the consent of the terms and conditions. Desire is like love, delays and recklessness for rivals. An idea that develops. And it works – more than one important idea that exists only as a theory. Don’t believe anything, no matter what you read it or who said it. It doesn’t matter if I say it, unless it’s for your own reasons and sharing your common sense. Words are a word that brings peace.

    Anarchy lies in all mixed things. Don’t live in the past, don’t dream about the future, focus your mind on the present moment. Do not take away what you have got and envy others. There is no fear of death, even those who live wisely. Every human being is the author of his own health or illness. Hate ends with love, not hate. This is the eternal principle. Have pity on all human beings, the rich and the poor. Everyone has their own grief. He is worthy who thinks he is worthy. He who experiences the oneness of life sees his own soul in all beings and in all beings, and sees everything objectively.

    He who loves 50 people has 50 crises. There is no crisis for anyone who does not love anyone. Health is the greatest gift, wealth is the greatest, satisfaction is the best relationship. Grip on anger is like a greedy person throwing hot coal over someone else. You are the one who burns. Although many of the sacred words you have read speak to many of you, what good will they do to you if you do not obey them.

    I do not accept the fate of men, though they do. But I believe in the fate that lies on them until they act. I never see what has been done. I see only what remains to be done. In a dispute we get angry that we have already stopped fighting for the truth, and have begun the struggle for ourselves. There is no difference between heaven, east and west. People separate themselves from their minds and then believe them to be true. It is the mind of a person, not his enemy or the enemy that protects him in bad ways. Conquering yourself is it better than winning a thousand battles.

    it is Better to travel well than to arrive. Just as a candle cannot be burned without fire, so can men not live without spiritual life. Just as treasures are revealed from the earth, wisdom appear pure and manifest in good works, and knowledge is shown in a pure and calm mind. Well, let’s get up and be grateful, if we don’t learn a lot today, at least we learned a little, and if we don’t learn a little, at least we don’t get sick, and if we get sick, less At least we didn’t die; so, we all appreciate. Life is the embodiment of faith in the journey of life, virtue is a shelter, daylighting And the protection of th night. Teach everyone this triple truth: generosity, kindness, service, and empathy are the things that refresh humanity. Feel the feeling of the earth. The only real failure in life is not the one who knows better.

    The secret of health for both mind and body is not to grieve for the past, nor to worry about the future, but to live the present moment wisely and honestly. Good qualities like goodness are always seen in groups. The path is not in the sky. There is no fear of the mystery of existence. The wise spoke with their thinking, turning it into a grain would be shed through a sieve. There are only two mistakes that can go the wrong way. Not all the way, and no start. Evil must be done so that goodness can prove its purity. There is nothing more terrifying than the habit of doubt.

    People who are free of angry thoughts certainly find peace. Thousands of candles can be lit from one candle, and the candle’s life will not be short. Three things cannot stay hidden for long: the sun, the moon, and the truth. Inefficiency is a short way to death and a way of life. Foolish people are fools, intelligent people are hard workers. In order to enjoy good health, to bring true happiness to one’s family, all one must be calm and disciplined, first of all, to bring peace.

    Ancient Asian bronze Tibetan sculptures. Worship is the reincarnation of all the Buddhas of ancient Buddha, the three periods, and the essence of all the three bodies or bodies of Buddha. He is an early Buddhist in Ningma, or the ancient school and the Shakia school. He also represents the Dharmakaya Buddha and therefore is the ultimate aspect of enlightenment. He is the founder of Vajrayana Buddhism or Tantra. He is said to have appeared as a spiritual leader in a common form during the Fall.

    It is depicted as dark blue in color, expressing brightness. He is the center of the Kagyu family because Telupa received Vajrayana education directly from Vajrayana, Dharmakaya Buddha. According to the cosmology of Tibetan Buddhism, they are the ultimate ancient Buddha or the Good Buddha. Vajradhara displaced Samanbhadra Buddha in the Jellog and Kagyu myths, but it is spiritually equivalent. Vajradhara and Samantabhadra are gods with various names, features, exhibits and imagery. Ancient Asian bronze statue.

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