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    Brutus The Leader Essay

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    Brutus is the most fit character to be a leader in the entire book. Brutus is a take charge kind of person. When there is something that he does not like about the government he takes charge and does something about it. Previously to Cassius even entering Brutus had said to himself that Caesar must die. Brutus is also a very smart character. When he is talking to himself about killing Caesar he compares him to a serpent in his egg and says that he must be killed while he is still in his egg because when he hatches (or is crowned king ) he will be more dangerous.

    Brutus is smart enough to know hat Caesar is just putting on an act and that once he becomes king he will not be as nice as he is now. Even tough he is a smart and take charge character he also quite deceptive. He shows just how deceptive he is when he kills Caesar. Brutus was very close to Caesar and he still killed him. Brutus was the only character of the conspirators that was killed Caesar for a some what of a good reason. Brutus killed him because he thought it would be better for Rome while the others just did not want him to become more powerful than themselves.

    Brutus felt that the death of Caesar would be the end of the absolute rule that Caesar presently had. Brutus is a supporter of the republic government. Brutus says, “ We all stand up against the spirit of Caesar / And in the spirit of men there is no blood” (II. i. 180-181). In this quote Brutus shows that everyone of the conspirators does stands against what Caesar is doing but the point of killing him is to end what he is doing not to dismember him or to kill the person Caesar but to kill what he is about.

    Brutus is the best character in this book to be a leader. The first reason I think that Brutus would make a good leader is that he does not want to be a king or have absolute rule he would like to have a republican government. Brutus would also be a good leader because he is not the type of person that would sit around and watch the government go bad, if he saw a problem he would try his best to fix it.

    Brutus would also make a good ruler because he is willing to fight for what he thinks is right. Brutus says, “Let us be sacrificers, but not butchers, Caius. ” (II. i. 179). This quote shows how Brutus does not wish to kill Caesar brutally but he would rather kill him with some sort of honor. Brutus wants him to be killed in this “honorable” way because he does not want to be looked at by the plebeians as murderers but as someone who was fighting for a cause.

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