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    Boom and bust in telecommunication Case Study Essay

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    In 1979. Mr. Andy Mallari opened a little store selling transistor wirelesss which was located at one corner ( Gen. Luna St. ) of the full stretch of Burgos Avenue. the chief thoroughfare of Cabanatuan City. After 11 old ages. he was able to salvage money for the enlargement of his concern along Del Pilar Street due to increasing demand for electronic parts used in the assembly and care of wirelesss. tape recording equipments. amplifiers. and assorted related contraptions. Mr. Mallari started his gross revenues and fixs runing shops in large towns of San Juan City. Gapan. and Guimba to duplicate his effort. After he met Mr. Estelito Chan. a former schoolmate who has a well-established contraption assembly works in Manila. his concern point of view has changed well. He wants to follow the footfalls of his friend.

    Problem Statement

    Mr. Malllariaˆ™s oldest boy is about to come in college and he is already 47 old ages old. In relation to this. he thinks that this is the best clip for him to see directing his boy to an technology school. His opinion will concentrate on which school and which technology class he will inquire his kids to take. He has three boies. all belonging to the top 10 in their several categories. He knows all three have the potency to assist him recognize his dream of set uping his ain assembly works. Now. his top precedence is to place the right college classs for his kids.


    The aims of this instance are ( 1 ) to place the right technology class for Mr. Mallariaˆ™s kids. ( 2 ) to analyse each technology class in relation to the attainment of his dream of set uping his ain assembly works and ( 3 ) to urge the most favourable picks to be made to guarantee the realisation of his dream assembly works.

    Analyzing Case Data

    Mr. Mallariaˆ™s chief end is to set up his ain contraption assembly works. In order to accomplish that end he was to delegate technology classs for his kids to take up. His current concern offers gross revenues and fixs of electronic parts. In order to successfully set up his ain assembly works. proficient cognition of the technology classs must be parallel to this country of concern. Peoples with the right accomplishment sets and experience degrees are perfectly necessary for the smooth working of an organisation. Another of import factor he should see is that the three technology classs though related to one another should hold clear and distinguishable maps in his company. He must set up the nature of the occupation of the three to guarantee no duplicate of work. This besides involves the division of labour. the deputation of authorization and departmentalization. Since his three boies have strong potency and finding in their surveies and future calling. he must go on to steer them and take them to the attainment of success of their end.

    Suggested Course of Action

    An assembly works is a mill where manufactured parts are assembled into a finished merchandise. The four Fieldss of technology viz. : mechanical technology. electrical technology. electronics and communications technology. and industrial technology are comparative to an contraption assembly works. Mr. Mallari must cognize the significance and maps of each technology field. First. mechanical technology is a broad topic that derives its extent from the demand to plan and fabricate everything from little single parts and devices to big systems. The function of a mechanical applied scientist is to take a merchandise from an thought to the market place. Next. electrical technology trades with the survey and application of electricity. electronics. and electromagnetism. This field foremost became an identifiable business in after commercialisation of the electric telegraph. the telephone. and electric power distribution and usage.

    It now covers a broad scope of subfields including electronics. digital computing machines. power technology. telecommunications. control systems. RF technology. and signal processing. While. an electronic and communications applied scientist is responsible for the design of electronics that drive the sender and receiver maps of any system transporting radio or wired communications. A individual with this occupation may work in the Fieldss of computing machine networking. digital Television. orbiter. wireless or Internet engineering. Last. industrial technology is concerned with the design. installing. betterment. rating. and control of socio-technical systems in virtually all sectors. including fabrication. distribution. authorities. energy. wellness attention. and finance. A distinguishing characteristic of the industrial technology subject is the integrating of worlds. machines. stuffs. and information to optimise the public presentation of such systems utilizing available resources in the most efficient manner. but without degrading societal and physical environments.

    Decision and Recommendation

    Mr. Mallariaˆ™s dream of set uping his ain assembly works may be successfully accomplished if he will take three from mechanical technology. electrical technology. electronic and communications technology and industrial technology for his kids to take. These four Fieldss of technology with their ain significance and specialisation are comparative to an assembly works. Since electrical technology and electronics technology are interdisciplinary classs he may take one and the other two are mechanical and industrial technology. Basic direction rules. along with proficient cognition and accomplishments must be use efficaciously and expeditiously to achieve success in the concern.

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