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    Benefits of Interracial Marriages Essay

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    Interracial Marriages CNN reports the first time Prima Merrill brought her white boyfriend on thanksgiving dinner to meet up with his family in 2007, and the dinner was very awkward and confounding. Her family asked her was he a bartender or a family photographer. This couple got married last august, and her family was passed off because of racial differences. Do race and ethnicity matter when It comes to marriage? Nowadays race is not considering important factor. In the U. S one out of seven couples are mixed-race (Pew Research Center). This trend can also see in Hollywood and politics.

    President Obama . The couple married last august, and her family has warmed up to her husband despite their racial differences. Do race and ethnicity matter when it comes to marriage? Apparently, race is mattering less these days. One out of seven new marriages in the U. S is interracial or Interpreting (Pew Research Center). Couples pushing racial boundaries have become commonplace In the U. S, a trend that Is also noticeable in Hollywood and politics. President Obama is the product of a black father from Africa and a white mother from Kansas. But not everyone is willing to accept mixed-race marriages.

    However, studies show that support for interracial arises Is stronger than In past, especially among the Millennial generation. Among 18 to 29 years old, about 85 percent accept interracial marriages according to a Pew Study published in February. Marrying outside of one’s race or ethnicity is most common among Asians and Hispanics, two immigrants group that have grown tremendously. About 16 percent of African-Americans overall are In an Interracial marriages, but it is most common for black men to marry outside than for black women (Pew Research Center). We are seeing an increasingly multiracial and multivalent country,” said Andrew Chervil, professor of public policy and sociology at John Hopkins university. However, percentage of interracial marriages Is getting higher In this society than it was ever before. Even though racism still exists, the majority of young people accept interracial marriage these days. I believe that marrying outside one’s race does not matter because it brings many benefits in our society. First benefits of interracial marriages Is to learn about another culture and religion.

    Many couples in mixed marriages are exposed to an entirely new way of life. Including a new country or even a new language. Let is important for the couple to talk about each other’s beliefs and values. When you first get into an interracial relationship, you will see that things are very different. Your partner’s beliefs may be different because of their cultural background and It’s beautiful to be able to learn more about how other people do things or perceive the world. Some people find this to be a problem, or an obstacle of interracial dating, but this is actually a blessing that you should not overlook.

    New experiences offer variety and Interesting relationships tend to be long-lasting relationships. The opposite can also be true ‘Off Decease silence your partner wall want to learn more tout your culture, you’ll Tell obligated to learn more about your own culture and background. Most people rarely take the initiative to learn more about their family and this can be a great way for both of you to learn. By simply talking to the elders of your family, you’ll be able to get a ton of knowledge about your culture that you might not have known before.

    This is certainly one of the most exciting parts about being in an interracial relationship because it will constantly be a learning process. Sharing food can be both fun and intimate and learning about the different cuisines that are your mate’s favorites is a great experience(How to Love). Certain cultures will have foods that represent their country, so you may have the pleasure of trying these out. Think about what the dinner parties could be like! Interracial couples often brag about the cooking that goes on in their houses and like to show off when entertaining guests.

    In Islam, we are all equal to each other except for those who have a higher level of taws (faith in Allah). As such, a man should not discriminate against a potential spouse because she is from a different country, has fewer (or a greater number of) degrees than him, or if she is not as wealthy or as beautiful as he wishes her to be. There is a Haiti which states, “A woman is married for her Eden, her wealth or her beauty. You must go for the one with Eden, may your hands be in the dust! (if you fail to heed)” [Muslim]. This Haiti applies to both men and women.

    We should not be preoccupied with how a person looks or how much money s/he makes per month. Beauty is important as you must be able to feel some sort of attraction to your partner. Wealth is as equally as important since you must be able to spend on your family and Katz. Nevertheless, Eden comes first and should be the most important factor when choosing a partner. Beauty fades, money comes and goes (and eventually runs out), while a good person’s character gets richer by the day. It is important that we do not fool ourselves by Judging a book by its cover.

    Just because a sister wears hajji and a brother dons a beard (perhaps because he looks quite handsome with it as opposed to having no facial hair) does not mean that they are doing it out of religiousness. It is your duty to ask around, or ask your elders to find out about this person’s habits and qualities. Allah (S. W. T. ) says:”O mankind! We created you from a single (pair) of a male and a female and made you into nations and tribes that ye may know each other (not that e may despise each other). Verily the most honored of you in the sight of Allah is (he who is) the most righteous of you.

    And Allah has full knowledge and is well acquainted (with all things)” (49:13). Therefore, it is clear that cultural differences should not stop us from marrying a partner of our choice. Allah does not care if I marry someone of the same race, or a different one, so long as we strive to keep each other on the right path. Allah will Judge us for what is in our hearts, not our outward appearance. Nevertheless, we must be realistic about interracial marriage and its consequences. Resource : http://www. Temperateness’s. Mom/interracial-marriage-is-it- worth-it/ It seems that people are either fascinated by, scared of, or Just curious about interracial marriages. Expect people to stare at you as though you have five heads and Just landed from the OF that came from Mars. You will have to learn to adapt to it. Sometimes some people may think to themselves, or even come up to you and ask, “Couldn’t she find a person within her culture? Is that why she degraded nearest Day marrying a People are Inconsiderate out Tanat does not mean you childrearing a potential spouse. Seems that people are either fascinated by, scared of, or Just curious about interracial marriages. Expect people to stare at you as though you have five heads and Just landed from the OF that came from Mars. You will have to learn to adapt to it. Sometimes some people may think to themselves, or even come up to you and ask, “Couldn’t she find a person within her culture? Is that why she degraded herself by marrying a People are inconsiderate but that does not mean you childrearing a potential spouse. Our skin color will not matter, neither will our superstitious manmade customs, ideologies, and “status” in society. E second benefit of theatrical marriages is mixed race children have a lot of genetic advantages. But the combination of inbreeding being bad and diversity being good has flung open the doors for another claim about what it means to be mixed- race. The idea sounds simple enough. If inbreeding is bad, then the opposite – outbuilding – should be good. It makes sense, some suggest, that people might be genetically better off if they were mixed race. A random sample of black, white, and mixed-race faces was collected and rated for their perceived attractiveness.

    There as a small but highly significant effect, with mixed-race faces, on average, being perceived as more attractive. “.. Let’s face it, babies that are mixed look very exotic and people love it. There are plenty of unique combinations that end up creating some of the most beautiful babies in the world. Though you should not be with someone Just because you want good-looking babies, it certainly is a benefit that you can’t deny. If you’re excited about the thought of great looking kids, why not consider an interracial relationship that can lead to exactly that? These are simple benefits but the true benefit comes when you are really in love.

    Regardless of race, true love really does exist and it can change a person’s life for the better. These benefits are merely bonuses for being in a loving and caring relationship. Whether you are into interracial dating or not, you should always be open to meeting new people while you’re still single. Your perfect match is out there, you Just need to make the effort to find that person. And don’t limit the possibilities in your life. Just like love sometimes finds us when we’re least expecting it love can also come in the form of someone who wasn’t even on our radar. Source: http://Centralizes. Com/7635011 according

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