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    Banking Concept in education of freire Essay

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    I think that everyone has his own experience from the life. That may be happen during the period of time for school, work or recently happen and always bring you a feeling, a view, an impression following Its way when you think about. Moreover, It was not only be completely the best thing you had, spent but also the bad thing that made you sad, uncomfortable, get upset over them, etc… Because of Its nature and then deepen Into your mind. With me, It was the age when I went to school everyday.

    I had a lot of sorrowful, happy memories of school. And until now, one of my memories that I best remember, never forget Is the being embarrassed feeling by my math teacher teaching grade 4 at elementary school named “Unguent TTL Mini Shall” In Vietnam. This class was really a banking class and only taught me passively about how exactly I must always follow the teacher’s way instead of my way. As you know, in that age, desiring to perceive, to learn, to know many things new were dispensable in my daily favorite activity. How happy my parent was!

    The reason I said so because my parent always expected, wanted me to have to be self-motivated to research, study hard. They encouraged me to spend more time for studying rather than doing something else so that I would have a better life in the future. It was very coincident to say that my favorite activity was studying and hence they felt extremely happy. I tried so much to meet my parent’s hopes. At that time, Math was my favorite subject which made me spend a lot time for in order to learn other ways, better solutions, and new ways for the Math problem beside the knowledge that I was taught at school by teacher.

    And than there was one time when I was in my math teacher’ class, she called me to go to the board to solve a given problem. What happened next? Of course, I solved that problems rapidly and tidily corresponding with how hard I study for it. After that, She – my teacher asked me “where did you learned from to solve the problem like that? ” , ” What did you learn from me at previous classes? “, yelled me badly in front of the eyes of all my classmates looking at me. I Just thought I had did a wrong solution at that moment. But It was not true.

    I had gotten the right answer but she was mad because I didn’t follow her method. I had no words to say to her, and just kept silent to expect that she would state where I did wrong and fix It for me. What happened after yelling at me’she finished the problem on the board with her method that she taught me before. I was surprised by her solution because It took too long and made the problem more complicated than mine. Even thought I learned her method, I wanted to find a better solution by myself and be able to share with all of people In the classroom.

    That class was taught using Firer’s Banking Concept. In banking education, he said ” The teacher teaches and the students are taught” (Fire 59). This quote implies that the students must absolutely learn from what the teacher aches and which knowledge the students get must be from the teacher’s. My teacher did teach me one way to do that and told us to have to comply with her way despite my new solution. She yelled at me because of it. Ferrier also said ” the teacher Knows eve retying an a ten students Know nothing;” (Freely AY).

    HIS words KICK Like an stable affirmation to attach a fact about teacher’s endless knowledge whereas student’s brain is completely empty. When I came up with my idea, she didn’t accept it. She imposed her answer on me and why she did it because she thought she was a teacher who knew everything, and the student knew nothing. In the banking classroom, “The teacher thinks and the students are thought about” (Fire 59). This related to my story as my teacher is a only person who can think in that classroom and no one else.

    So she yelled at me when I tried to think for myself, think about a new way to solve the problem. “The teacher talks and the students listen – meekly’ (Ferrier 59) – this quotation made me realized that there was no class discussion about how to do it. My teacher gave the answer and all the class Just kept listening quietly. Moreover, also related to my story, another quotation “the teacher whose and enforces his choice, and the students comply ” (Ferrier 59) reflected the fact I faced in that class.

    My teacher who is to regulate student by her oppression, her deposit so that all of students had no chance to ” choose” but only obeyed her, followed her as if the chicks must follow their mother absolutely. How close the banking concept is to my math class! Up to here, the thoughts about the roles between the teacher and the student suddenly flash into my mind. I ask myself why it was so, why the teacher must always oppress on the student, what the teacher’s role really is, how about the student’s role. A lot of things like that made me wonder all the time.

    The words Ferrier said about “problem-posing” in education system extremely meaningful to me, you can see such as “the problem-posing method does not dichotomize the activity of the teacher-student: he is not “cognitive” at one point and “narrative” at another. He is always “cognitive,” whether preparing a project or engaging in dialogue with the students. ” (Fire 68) or “The students – no longer docile listeners – are now critical co-investigators in dialogue with the teacher” (Fire 68). These above quotes explain the harmony in the two roles teacher-student’, which just be in co-operation between two ones.

    The problem-posing brings, allows both teacher and student to able to communicate, interact, Join in dialogue with each other. Let’s go back to my story! The role my teacher played, the words she yelled at me, what she behaved if there was any chance for me or anyone else to raise, to show our own option. There was nothing else happened except the silence of mine, all my classmates at that time. This is really contrary to the necessary things that education system must do to get future benefit for all students who is invented to evolve a brand new world, to create something new, something better than ever.

    Perhaps, “Banking concept” of education system was imbued in a very dark view that It didn’t want to change things thought as if it was the best, so students no needed to have any idea, Just follow its reluctantly ready regulations. That was enough! From my last words, I want share with you that any one among us in the world must be respected in any situation. It’s not only in communicating with each other , but only in interacting in work, in study and so on in order to enable us to be together to create a very good new background for the future generations.

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