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    Anatomy Final Exam

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    Question Answer
    1. Air is killed by: Acid in the stomach
    2. Bile is made by: Liver

    Bile is stored in:

    Chief cells produce: pepsinogen and chymosin
    4. Parietal cells produce: gastric acid
    5. Where most digestive absorption occurs: small intestine
    6. Which intestinal hormone stimulates contractions within the walls of the gallbladder and pushes bile into the small intestine: cholecystokinin (cck)

    Enzymes from the ________ do most of the digestive work in the small intestine:

    8. Microvilli, Plicae and intestinal villi: increase the absorptive surface area of the small intestine
    9. Chemical Digestion of fat is digested in: duodenum by: Bile
    10. Chemical digestion of Protein is digestive in: stomach by: pepsin & acid

    Chemical digestion of Carbs is digestive starts in :

    mouth by: amylase secreted from glands (Salivary amylase functions to digest Carbs)
    12. Intrinsic factor aids the absorption of ________ across the intestinal lining : Vitamin B12
    13. The pancreatic duct penetrates the duodenal wall with the : common bile duct
    14. Common Hepatic duct is : formed by the flowing together of the right and left hepatic ducts

    The taeniae coli are:

    three narrow but distinct longitudinal bands of smooth muscle which run along the entire length of the cecum and colon

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