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Analysis of two films: “The Shawshank Redemption” Essay

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Feature films, Like any other text, alma to Influence or challenge an audience on the basis of their attitudes and values. To achieve this, most feature films use central characters who share the basic values of a particular target audience. For example, The Shawano Redemption, directed by Frank Dartboard, uses the character of Andy Defense to represent values such as friendship, freedom and hope. Andy is wrongly convicted of killing his wife and her lover. Once In the prison, he is seen as a God-like figure who brings hope and the feeling of freedom to the prisoners In Isolated

Shawano. Similarly, the character of Rubin Carter, In The Hurricane, directed by Norman Session, represents many values such as freedom and justice. Rubin an, African American, is also wrongly convicted of murder. The film traces his unjust and unequal treatment throughout his life. Both feature films use characterization and film language in presenting the central characters either negatively or positively. This in turn, assists In the acceptance or rejection of values put forward by the characters.

Both Andy and Rubin are characters presented In a positive light and thus, their aloes represent ones shared and admired by the contemporary audience. Education and intelligence are highly valued in the modern world today. For most people, education represents a sense of security, a way of getting somewhere in life. Through the use of characterization and film techniques, this value is mirrored by the central character of Andy, In The Shawano Redemption. Whilst In prison, Andy uses his education and Intelligence to an advantage. Manipulating the guards and warden. By doing this, he stands out from the typical criminals and he forms casual relationships with them. This, ironically, leads to his eventual redemption and freedom. Ant’s value of education is also so strong that he finds the time to build an educational library for the prisoners and teaches Tommy how to read and write and achieve his high school diploma. It is clear that Ant’s value of education leads to his forming of friendship bonds with most of the prisoners and metaphorically, leads to his rightful freedom and Justice.

Ant’s wholesome success through his Intelligence and education presents the fact that, without an education, a person will get nowhere in life. Thus, his character represents the value of education that I already share. Similarly, Rubin Carter In “The Hurricane” uses his education to gain his eventual freedom. He too, Is seen to be an Intelligent, well-educated character. For example, Rubin is determined in keeping himself educated in the prison and this is presented in his quote; “Writing is a weapon more powerful than the fist could ever be. This determination leads to a production of a personal autobiography; ‘The Sixteenth Round. ‘ The book falls into the hands of Lesser who is inspired by his stories and does everything he can to assist In Robin’s eventual freedom. Therefore, It was his value of education that aided In Robin’s rightful Justice and freedom. Both films use their held by most people and this is reflected in our democratic human rights. The value of freedom is presented through both central characters in “The Shawano Redemption” and “The Hurricane”. Andy is a character associated with freedom.

Not only does Andy strive for his rightful freedom, but he also brings a sense of freedom to others around him. This is achieved through his courageous gifts of music, the Barry and beer. When giving the gift of music, Andy sacrifices his freedom to bring a feeling of normality to the prisoners and Red emphasizes this; “Every last man at Shawano felt free…. It was like some beautiful bird flapped into our drab little cage and made those walls dissolve away. ” Ant’s gifts are very precious as the prison system is a force which actually restricts Andy and his fellow friends from having any freedom at all.

In fact, they are stripped of their basic human rights while in the prison and a somber scene where all the men are forced to walk naked amongst there inmates as if they are no longer capable of being classified as human is used to emphasis this. When watching this scene, anger is evoked in me as I know Andy does not deserve this. He has had his freedom and dignity wrongfully taken away from him and thus, when Andy is freed, I feel a great sensation of satisfaction as I too, share his value of freedom. By the same token, Rubin is a character who also had his freedom wrongfully taken away from him.

Shots of Rubin behind bars clearly emphasis this. This also assists in realizing that the harsh and inhumane prison is restricting Rubin from freedom, gust like Andy. This is why, while in prison, Rubin spends most of his time away from its effects. He dresses differently from the other prisoners and wakes when they sleep. “l will live neither in the cell or my own heart. Only in my mind and spirit. ” This way, he feels slightly free from the isolated prison life other convicted felons are living. However, although away from these effects, he is still treated on a lower level than what is human.

A scene, Just like in The Shawano Redemption, of the prisoners being stripped down to nothing emphasizes this. My value of freedom evokes anger and negativity towards this scene. I feel Rubin does not deserve this as he was wrongfully committed. Therefore, when Rubin receives his rightful freedom, I feel satisfied. Justice is a principle held highly by many and the fair and equal treatment of every citizen is valued. The Justice system is something that everyone assumes will reflect this. However, in both The Hurricane and The Shawano Redemption, the Justice system does not achieve this.

Both the central characters of Rubin and Andy are victims of circumstantial events and were caught ‘in the wrong place at the wrong mime. ‘ My value of Justice and freedom, positions me to feel negatively against the imprisonment of Andy and Rubin as the Justice system did not provide both men with rightful Justice. For example, The Hurricane traces Robin’s life which was filled with unwanted prejudice and injustice. It is this prejudice that gets him wrongly convicted. In his first trial, he is heard by a Jury of his ‘peers’ who, ironically, are all white.

Due to this, he feels the white race has taken his freedom and Justice away from him; “everything I lost… Everything I had, I lost at the hands of white people. ” searches his case thoroughly and tries to re-appeal, but fails and emotively says; “Justice. All I want is Justice. ” This is when I feel sympathy for his character, as I too, share his value of Justice and I become angered at the fact that he has not received rightful Justice and has been oppressed by the Justice system and the prejudice of Deal Peace in particularly. However, through friendship, courage and support, Justice prevails in the end.

Here, Rubin is bathed in god like light and, because I share , I gain a sense of satisfaction as he has received the Justice I know he should’ve achieved before being oppressed in an isolated environment. In comparison, Andy is a character who was also caught in the wrong place at the wrong time and convicted of a crime he did not commit. He is presented as a character who does not fit the stereotype of a criminal. He is educated, well dressed, softly spoken and gentle. Though he proclaims his innocence, he enters the world that is Shawano Prison, a bleak and oppressive place where men are treated on a level that is somewhere below human.

Because of his circumstance, and my value of justice, I sympathies with him. He blames himself for the affair his wife took on; “god I loved her. I Just didn’t know how to show it… ‘ killed her Red. I didn’t pull the trigger but I drove her away. ” This evokes more sympathy and I can understand that he is truly innocent but did not receive rightful Justice. He goes to great and dangerous lengths to receive this rightful Justice. Andy is overcome with disbelief and yells “this is my life can’t you see that! “. For example, he stands up to the oppressive warden with evidence of his innocence but is rejected and sent to the hole.

Here, due to my passionate value of Justice, I feel great anger as he is oppressed of his right to freedom and a Just trial. As a student, I value hope significantly. I hope to achieve high scores in school and receive my long awaited university entrance. It is this hope that assists in my positive thinking and my success. In both films, this value of hope is represented in a slightly different light. Both Rubin and Andy use hope to gain eventual freedom. This hope, however, does not Just come along lightly. For example, Andy and Rubin lose hope in heir redemption when they are both sent to the hole for being strong minded.

Film techniques are used to emphasis this loss of hope. Both Andy and Red are shot from high positions, presenting their vulnerability and their sense of ‘giving up’. However, once out of the hole, Andy revives his sense of hope and also gives other prisoners hope. For example, while speaking to Red he emphasizes that “hope is a good thing. Maybe even the best of things. And best things don’t die” Andy gives Red the hope that he needs to survive on the outside. Following Red, the audience can see Ant’s influence upon him. It almost seems like he gives up hope when Andy leaves.

When applying for parole, he doesn’t seem to care any more. All hope is lost until he is granted parole and finds his freedom with Andy on the beach. This presents my theory that hope leads to success and an eventually can aspire to ones dreams. In contrast, Rubin is resistant to hope. He does not want the influence of Terry, Sam later he realism that hope is the key to his success and eventual freedom. Thus, it is the value of hope that leads somewhere positive in a person’s life. Bibliography:shared English class notes on the films

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