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    Americanization in Denmark Sample Essay

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    The American linguistic communication is today one of the most popular spoken linguistic communication worldwide. With merely Chinese being superior to the American linguistic communication. it is no admiration why the linguistic communication. civilization and manner has quickly sneaked up on Denmark. and has started to impact the native linguistic communications of the state. We hear or read words and vocals from America every twenty-four hours. It could be a song playing in the wireless. or a label on a dish washer. and we don’t even think about it being American. A Danish author called Dan Turell one time said when he was speaking about his young person and the alterations in the Danish community. “USA was like the large brother of Denmark” . Globalization is besides a hot topic when speaking about the Americanization. What are the menaces and possibilities that globalization holds for us and the remainder of the universe? Easy communicating all over the universe is one facet of globalisation. This appears to be a good thing but many bad things can come out of it. Of class planetary trading and negotiating is a good thing. China can portion their cognition and scientific discipline with USA and frailty versa. But terrorists can besides work the planetary communicating for illustration the presents pirates in Somalia. They can nobble some Danes and reach the Danish constabulary or authorities and inquire for a ransom.

    Globalization besides leads to the universe “shrinking” . Cultures will be more likewise because it is so easy to go to the other side of the universe and learn from other civilizations. purchase their nutrient or points and follow it in to your ain civilization. This can in worst instance scenario stop up with holding a universe that is the same no affair where you go. It doesn’t affair if you are in China or in Mexico. American words and sentences has for a long clip. been adopted into the Danish linguistic communication. At a immature age the Danes learn English at simple school. Therefore the linguistic communication is accepted and known by a batch of Danes. The Danes use a batch of American words like screw. download. Walkman and other words they don’t see American because they have been in the Danish vocabulary for so long.

    The Danish civilization is being Americanized non merely by words and sentences but with vocals excessively. As an illustration of this I have chosen the Danish pop-band Nephew’s vocal “Va Fangool! ” – Which is an American slang for “fuck you” They start the vocal by singing in Danish. but with a few grammatical errors. In the center of the first poetry they sing “you know what I mean” which isn’t Danish. but American. They besides sing the chorus and the whole 2nd poetry in American before they switch back to Danish in the last chorus. merely to complete it off with some more American vocalizing. When you hear the music you know that the American portion is in another linguistic communication. but you don’t believe about because you know the linguistic communication and you understand the phrases.

    In the music picture. they show a fish called “Big Mouth Billy Bass” who is a fish that sings when you pass by it. It was really popular in Denmark in the late ninetiess and early 2000s. The fish American ginseng a few American vocals like “Don’t concern. be happy” by Bobby McFerrin. The Danes started purchasing this “singing fish” and placed it in their life suites. The vocal. along with the fish. shows clear marks of Americanization. And the managers doing the picture all know excessively good what they are making. And it’s no happenstance why they place the fish in the picture. American music picture shapers are teaming up with make-ups creative person and a batch of other professionals to do their music pictures appealing to the whole universe. And the Danes pick up inspiration. manner. and civilizations from rap-artists. theoretical accounts and athleticss stars. This besides distributes to the Americanization in Denmark. The Danes start have oning “bling bling” ( expensive shiny jewelry and tickers ) like the blame stars 50cent and Snoop Dogg do. They talk the same slang and they look up to the stars.

    The Americanization has merely started and we will get down to see a batch more of this in the hereafter. Already now it can be difficult to state the difference between an American adolescent and a Danish adolescent by looking at their apparels and jewellery. The Americanization has been successful because USA working hard on spread outing globally by advancing themselves. Globalization is an uneven thing. it fascinates me how there can be so large of a difference between the wealth and wretchedness of different states. Many people are afraid of globalisation but I think we should encompass it and portion the wealth all over the universe to do it equal. to organize peace and to separate poorness and wretchedness. I don’t believe any continent should hold the ability. fiscal wise to rule the universe.

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