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    American people Essay

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    American people Coming to the United States has been the biggest step in my life. This decision is to finish my studies, become a dentist. And offer help for people in my country. Because I was afraid to come here, I asked everyone about life in the US. For me it was a mystery. I did not know what to expect how do American people live? How do they treat foreign people? All of these questions were in my mind when I asked my friends who were living in the United States.

    They and all other sources that I listened to, gave me great picture about the US. But after I came here I found out that the information I got before and the information I found after I came here though shared a lot of similarities, there were also a lot of differences. First of all, the information that I had before I come to the United States made me comfortable. It made in my mind a dream land called America. I got my information from TV movies, newspapers, and from my friends.

    The first thing I heard about was from my friend who had lived here for years. He told me that the United States is unbelievable life. The time here goes so fast and you will enjoy your life without feeling homesick and he give me a great impression of American people and how they are helpful and always friendly. Also he tells me about the safety in his state and how you can have fun any time you want out side you house. In addition there was something I heard about that makes me very happy to come here is that there is no discrimination between people, because I have been in many bad situations in eurpe, which people treat us very bad and I was wooried about that. This was one of the things that make me comfort for coming here.

    And the American movies give me the feeling of the strong relationship among the members of the American family. And I feel when I saw these movies that the American family is just like the kuwait family. A family with love and strong relationship among them, a family that the son or daughter will never forget the parents until they die. Now, After I lived here for two years, I see a different picture of the US. Every second I live here I learn something new about this country.

    Every day I live here I see the great picture of the US is become darker day after day. When I spend the first six months here I asked myself one question, Where are the real Americans that I heard about? I don’t know. . I was surprised with every thing I have seen here with the information I got before I came.

    For example, The time here was the hardest part in my life and I could not imagine how American people live without thinking about the time. People here are working as a machines and no body care what going on around him. I’ve seen people with no trust to each other, everybody are afraid from each other, some people here are making a lot of geoups depend on skin color and they hate other groups even the forigners. For example, I live in a place call Richmond and I heard that you can’t go out from your home after 8:00 pm because you will get stolen especially in the Down Town.

    In addition there were something made me more confused when I asked myself where are the strong relation ship in the American family. I see every day how the children forget there parents after they reach 18 years old. And how they seperate from the family and may be on of the parents die with no body around him. After all this, I can see now how Amerecan people are different when you hear about them and when you live with them.

    Although I can not forget that there are still alot of great American people and I can call them th real Americans but we should mention whats wrong before

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