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    Adulthood and Responsibility

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    There should not be an age to determine responsibility, but people believe that there should because they believe that there should be a line that determines maturity. Debating what age and child must reach to be responsible is not right. Everyone learns a different way, their lives are lived differently. Some could have experienced something that raises their responsibility and maturity level yet others have not.

    Environment plays a big part in children’s life, especially when it comes to growing up to develop and a young adult. Parenthood is also one of those factors and in my opinion I think it’s the most important. In paragraph 22 of the article “what is the age of responsibility”, the author states that parents can guide their children, let them learn from their mistakes when they need to and bail them out when they have to. Therefore children have some sense of being responsible in different situations.

    But then again it does not mean that every single person is responsible at a specific age. As a children grow older they will experience life situations that help them mature, but not everyone will have the level of maturity they need to have for something. People will develop their level of responsibility when they experience it or observe it in their own timeline and not everyone’s timeline is the same. Thats why its the parent / guardian job to lead their child through the right path of maturity.

    Young adults should not be expected by society to be ready to do something based on their age and the expectations of people that surround the person. As explained on the page 3, the author points out that underage kids don’t acctually consider themseves underaged.

    The author also believes that its a direct consequence of the mixed message states send teenagers about responsibility. As a result the evidence show that teen believe that they are old enough to do something because of what they see on the internet or social media.

    Teens usually follow others and is a situation that will never be fixed and people who don’t follow are talked down to because they refusing to doing something that makes them uncomfortable. It may be impossible to do the right thing if the person does not know themselves, it’s a big possibility that they’ll be influenced by others.

    I believe self awareness is a way to know if a person is responsible to do something. According to “ Developing Self Awareness” developing self awareness means that people are starting to question the choice and decisions that they have made and are going to make. People with self awareness have more of a responsible reasoning. When young people have self awareness they tend to be more responsible. This matters because if more people had self awareness it would be easier for the people to determine an age to do drive a car for example.

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