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    About racism

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    Racism is an issue in this country and it is just recently that anyone has taken any action to stop it. Some may have thought that racism was gone once slavery was ebolished, but that is not the case. Ask any black person to tell you the daily challenges and differ4ences they face compared to a white man and the list could go on and on. Some black men and woman will attest to the fact that if you ‘re in a group of all colored people and walking on a street, a lot of people who aren ‘t of color will lock their doors. This is not completely their fault either. The stereotype that all black people steal or that they ‘re all bad people has been around for a while. People grow up how they ‘re taught to behave and the only way to end racism is to show this new generation not to look at color.

    Everyday people are killed by police officers, but more black people are killed annually than any other race. All over the news you ‘ll hear about the newest incident with police killing unarmed black people. These unarmed people not only are shot once, but sometimes are shot multiple times. If our law “enforcement” officers are trained to shoot then why are they shooting to kill when that is supposed to be the last resort? Why was Eric Garner choked to death begging to be let go and muffling the words “I can ‘t breath”? Eric Garner was a New York resident who was caught before selling cigarettes. A cop was following him and Eric began to ask why he was harassing him and saying he has done no wrong. The cop ‘s name was Daniel Pantaleo. He put Eric into a illegal chokehold and this evidently killed the father of 6 all over a cigarette. At first the state was trying to claim it was not the officers fault claiming it was self dense because the officer was “scared for his life” This tradgedy would be thought to be something that happens once in a blue moon, but that is not the case. Recently a lady named Sandra Bland was murdered by a police officer. She was pulled over for not using a turn signal and ended up dead. It progressed as far as the cop threatening her and took her off his dashcam camera and who knew what happened at that point. The city said the cop was innocent and even released more footage of someone they claimed to have been Sandra in the cell uninjured, but the lady in the video was bigger than Sandra and it seemed to of been fabricated footage not only because of how blurry, but also because it took them weeks to release it and if it was something to prove them innocent thats ‘s highly unlikely.

    Police brutality is horrible in this country, but it is not just officers who are to blame for racism. Black people in America who contribute to the stereotypes and statistics bring the black race down as a whole. Yes, non-colored races should not believe everything they say and majoirty of us people of color are not criminals and are active members of society, but some of us aren ‘t so good. Of course other races aren ‘t perfect, but sadly black people need to prove themselves more than other races. Because of the fact that colored people were looked at as such low class people a short 50 or so years ago the mostcurrent generations still suffer from this. Anywhere from the work field to trying to go to school black people are automatically looked at as people who don ‘t work hard and overall lazy. cited a long list of statistics comparing black and white people. Just to state a few of them “72.9 percent of whites are homeowners, only 43.5 percent of blacks are. Blacks constitute nearly 1 million of the total 2.3 million people incarcerated. According to Pew, white median household wealth is $91,405; black median household wealth is $6,44”. Black people as a whole should rise together and get higher up in these statistics. Colored people aren ‘t all lazy or uneducated people and it is not fair to look at an entire race as less based off a few bad apples.

    Racisim is usually covered by saying “their generation was raised that way”, but that is not fair at all. Just because someone was raised in an era where slaves were kept does not give said person the right to hate or talk badly to or even about a black person simply based on their skin tone. The amount of melanin in someones body should not control as much as it does in this society. People should not have to protest or be murdered to get this point across. Having a black president was said to help the racism in America, but it seems to of gotten worse in these past years. It is not fair the black woman grow up and are scared to have children because they wouldn ‘t know what kind of world they ‘ll be growing up in. It ‘s horrible mothers everywhere don ‘t want to let their kids leave the house because not even the police will protect their babies. Something has to be done before it ‘s too late and we end up in a race war. Every race should come together as a group and not feel the need to hate each other based off something as stupid as a skin color. Everyone is equal no matter if they are black, white, asian, hispanic, and orange. They are human and are equal and deserve to be treated like equals. Until every race inside of America can come together and accept one another nothing is going to get better, only worse. It ‘s up to this generation to end it for good and the only way to do so is to stand up against racism.

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