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    Abortion Essay Pro Choice

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    What is an abortion?An abortion is an operation to prevent women from carrying on with the pregnancy and having a baby.

    In other words, it means terminating a pregnancy. Also this method is called a birth control. An abortion is a legal procedure that is done around the world. Other countries, they might have different beliefs about an abortion. There is an illegal way of having an abortion.

    A certified doctor has to do the operation. The illegal way is when an unprofessional person without certificate or license giving the abortion. This method can be fetal and very dangerous. “Abortion is the death of a person, a living human being distinct from any other individual on this planet”(book 2).

    The History of the AbortionIn the past an abortion was illegal but many mothers-to-be did not want to have the baby. So there were people who gave the abortion but the problem was they did not know what they where getting themselves into. They were not clean and sanitary. They used hangers, clamps or anything to get out the growing fetus.

    Many of these unlicensed people were giving the abortion just for money. Also when the abortion became legal either it was too expensive or needed parental permission. Many of these girls or women did not want their parents to know. Because of this illegal method, many women died from these kinds of abortions. It was under investigation and the source was not sterile instruments to conduct the abortions (book 1).

    “New Jersey state officials sought an acceptable method for dispensing death by capital punishment”(book 3). The decision allowed guilty men and women not to be executed because that is killing another innocent life but in actuality that criminal is not innocent for that “person” took another “person” or “persons” lives. If killing someone who is 93 years old and terminating a life of a three moth old should not make a difference. Then the Supreme Court also decided that killing an innocent unborn human being or fetus is not a person so it can be killed.

    Many people hide from problems in the world such as abortions, capital punishments, AIDS, hunger and death and diseases. The silence of the world is the most deadliest thing on earth because we just let things pass us by and the more we do that the more we become extinct (book 5). For example, when Hitler conducted the Holocaust, the world just stood by and watch as the Jews who had no choose to decide if they wanted to live or not. A lot of people died and more are dying from previous and recent diseases, such as mal-nutrition, hunger and abuse and murder.

    Abortion is just a legal way of killing more people that just has not developed yet. The Advantages and Disadvantages of AbortionsThe advantages of an abortion incorporated into situations such as if you want your freedom and do not want the burden of a child, you will be for the right to have an abortion. If you were young and it was a mistake and inconvenient for you, you would not have the baby. If you were rape and that was the outcome and could terminate, you would. These are situation stated in book 1 that show how they were present these similar cases and saw the decision of the abortion becoming legal. Because of the court decision, this is now an advantage for many women who each have situations similar to these (book 1).

    The disadvantages of an abortion can be the side effects that can occur during and after an abortion. It can be the pain or not being able to become pregnant or carry the fetus for nine months and also death. “There can also be psycho-social stress following the abortion. Many women sink into deep depression after realizing that they killed their unborn child” (book 6). “Another disadvantages is that there are people trying to stop the abortions because they believe that mothers-to-be are killing a human child and should be convicted for a crime.

    A woman named Virginia Robertson got arrested for protecting innocent lives” (book 3). “Another fact about abortions is that the Supreme Court ruled that a human fetus is not a person and may be terminated at its mothers choice”(book 3). According to that statement in book 3, an eight and a half month old fetus can be killed by a drunk driver and not be considered a person. The confusing part is a developing bird is protected by federal and state laws and cannot be terminated.

    Also a stiff fine or imprisonment may accompany this obstruction (book 3). Today, the election has had an outcome on the recent Supreme Court cases that are presently going on about abortions. Now that Bush is President and he is pro-life, he will choose to had abortion over-ruled. Psycho-Social Stress following AbortionsIs there stress following after the abortion?Should there be relief?Abortion can be and will be very emotional.

    You have to be a very strong person to induce so much pain physically and mentally. Perception of an abortion as a negative experience with accompanying emotions of sadness, remorse, grief, hurt and anguish is not an uncommon feeling or experience among women. Guilt is also a frequent emotion and feeling that haunts the women who had an abortion. “Depression associated with guilt over the abortion is the tendency for women to become depressed after the abortion. Some women may even become suicidal. Emotional numbness is also a sign mostly in teenagers after having an abortion.

    Meaning that the experience was so traumatizing that the women sinks into a depressed state and does not really take to emotions as use to. A Chronicle of Fetal ExperimentationIs it possible for scientists, biologist and/or doctors to use fetuses for more research?There are cruel people in this world that do evil and horrible things to people. There are people that take fetuses and conduct their own experiments. Most of the time, the fetal experiments are for a better cause.

    They have a vaccinations and cures for all types if diseases such as rabies and chicken pox. In many states, there are laws prohibiting the use of fetuses for experiment. ” The Chicago Tribune ran a story saying Beauty may be only placenta-deep”(book 5). Some cosmetic industries collect the placenta and the surrounding sac around the fetus. “Placenta are thawed, sliced and forced through filters, then are extracted. What is left is a snowy powder.

    The cosmetic manufacturers pay 3,500- 5,000 a pound”(book 5). This is beyond abortion, women may be depressed with the guilt of killing their baby when companies are getting paid thousands of dollars for the placenta and surrounding sac. Another fact about fetal experimentation is if one wanted to work on a live fetus, its often had to be a live infant- a premature baby is aborted in its third trimester. Thats when a live fetus can be experimented on. The real thing is that it seems like abortions are done for the causes of a doctor or biologist to do experiments on.

    Is Abortion Immoral?Abortion is murder or is not murder . “The fetus is a person from the moment of conception. Tiniest egg is a brand new life and is an individual. The baby is fully human and so, at each stage of development”(book 2).

    This is an argument that cannot come to a conclusion.Evidence from both parties show that both sides can be right.No one is right or wrong, this is all a choice of the mother-to-be and so far anyone cannot tell them otherwise.As a viewpoint, abortions should only legal in certain cases.Reasons Women Give for having AbortionsAccording to a chart in book 2,76%of women get abortions because of life-style concerns.Other reasons are Cant afford baby now, Problems in relationship, Unready for responsibility, Embarrassed about sex, Not mature enough, Enough children all ready, Partner wants it, Health of fetus, Health of woman, Parents want it, and Rape or incest.These are reason that women get an abortion or abortions.Therefore, many women are still going to keep on with the abortions.They feel that they should have the right to terminate their unborn baby because its no one elses business.Many issues about abortions are is there any short and long term effects, parental protection with their children having to decide to terminate a child, churches issues on how it is a sin to kill a child which according to the church should have happen unless they are married.The research about abortions, many people still needs a lot to learn.

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