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    A Walk To Remember Essay

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    I have chosen to analyse “A Walk To Remember” as it is also a romantic comedy and has similar qualities to my fictional film. The poster has a white background, which represents purity and virginity. The title is written at the bottom of the page in white writing with a blue background. To me, the contrast of the white against the blue is immediately striking. This then makes you read the title, which creates the enigma of “What do they mean by a walk to remember? ” This may persuade someone to see the film.

    I think having a contrast of colours on the title and background would be suitable for my poster, as I don’t think the film will be sold on its plot alone. The poster also includes comments from press, which a lot of people will think is helpful when deciding to see a film. The stars’ names “Mandy Moore” and “Shane West” create the brand identity of this film. Having the names of the stars on the poster will attract the target audience that in this case is teenagers. Teenagers usually look at who is starring in the film when deciding what to see, this is usually because they are fans of them or feel attracted to the actor/actress.

    The pictures of the characters are set in opposition to each other. The girl looks innocent and slightly seductive whereas the boy looks serious and slightly cocky. The way characters are positioned on a poster is important. It creates enigmas and allows you to try and see if you can figure out what might happen. In this case from looking at them I think that maybe something happens between the two characters. The background of this poster is again white. From researching on the Internet I have discovered that most romantic comedies have white backgrounds on their posters.

    I think this is because white connotes purity and most romantic comedies are about two people meeting and falling in love. The title of the film “Just Married” is written in half red half white. The red connotes love and passion, which is a suggestive give away of what the film is about. The title denotes wedded bliss and a honeymoon but the illustrations on the poster connotes mistrays, frustration and therefore humour. Again the actors/actresses names are on the poster. They’re not that big but are bold and in capital letters.

    The names aren’t that eye-catching and it makes you focus more on the actual pictures on the poster. The images of the characters are very different from each other. The girl “Brittany Murphy” looks bored and angry and the way she is sitting tells us that maybe the couple have had an argument. “Ashton Kutcher”‘s body language is very open and relaxed. This tells us that he doesn’t seem that bothered that the female isn’t talking to him. He seems very playful as he’s looking up at the insect above him.

    The images of the dog and car creates enigmas like ” I wonder what happened to that car? ” and “Why aren’t they talking to each other? ” From looking at this poster I would think it was about a couple that had just got married and a lot of things had gone wrong. The poster has no release date on it that maybe tells us that the poster was released once the film was out at the cinema. It also has no comments from the press. This isn’t always a good idea to have as it could take away the focus from the actual contents on the poster or the poster itself.

    I think this poster would stand out from the rest when deciding to see a film as it has images which make the film look entertaining and amusing for example, the smashed up car. This is one of the very few romantic comedy posters, which has a colour other than white as a background. Blue connotes coldness and cleanliness. Having a Manhattan skyline in the background makes the setting very obvious. New York is a big, bustling city that tells us that their lives are as busy and hectic as the city itself.

    The title “Two Weeks Notice” doesn’t give away what the film could possibly be about. It tells us that something is going to happen in two weeks or he/she has given someone two weeks notice to do something. What, we don’t know. This creates many enigmas like “Two weeks to do what? ” and “What have they got two weeks to do? ” The actors’ names are written along the top of the poster. If people were deciding what to see by looking at posters this film would sell by the actors or actresses. “Hugh Grant” is a very popular actor liked by a wide range of people, mainly young women.

    Young women again usually like “Sandra Bullock”. From the names of the actors you can guess the target audience: young women and teenagers. “Hugh Grant” frequently stars in films dealing with real life issues for example ” Bridget Jones’ Diary” and “Billy Elliot” with the exception of “About A Boy” so I presume this is the same. The image of the couple shows them interdependent but also in opposition to each one another. This tells us that they somehow are a couple but are against each other in another way.

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