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    A Short Essay on Life (1062 words)

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    A Short Essay on Life

    Life is a priceless gift, and we often do not understand it. We accept this like something that have no values until faces with an opportunity to lose it. Only then a strong desire to live appears, then we start to remember the whole way we have started from the birth until the end “death.”  Life is a fairy tale, and you are the author of your one. Generally, appreciate life, it is so short but fantastic despite all obstacles, challenges are on your way. Be patient, it always rewards. Day by day, you become more experienced and wise, all lessons that life gives us to apprehend it like an examination. Dream a lot, find a goal and move to it. Remember, that the life is like a zebra, after the black strip always a white comes.

    The author of your story

    Imagine your life is a fairy tale or a book and you are the author. The only author are responsible for content. Owing to imagine, plans and a person’s character depends on what kind of book will be. A person appears in this world full of difficulties, happiness, sorrows and many other things. You are a newborn and your parents protecting you, provide the most suitable terms and conditions for upbringing. Love and care cover you like a blanket, and the world seems so fantastic and interesting for research. You are willing to explore everything that surrounds you. First 3 years you develop and learn to smile, breath, cry, eat, talk, read, write and other activities. When you grow up, you think that you are the smarter and know everything. Start from this you are the individual and the author of your own book named “Life.” On the book pages, you describe memorable days and events, success and disappointments, thoughts and your attitudes to the environment. All people are so different, so just imagine how many fairy tales and books are, an incredible library that hides secrets.

    Human being philosophy

    “To be or not to be?” this question worries the humanity. Despite the challenges and difficulties that appears in our life, we are who we are. All events harden the character and fill up experience. First and foremost, life is love. It starts from love; man and woman meet and fall in love. As a result, a woman wear a baby under the breast, listen to the heartbreaking, feel first moves. The day when women and man becomes parents is unforgettable. Giving the birth to a child is a painful process, but nature is so clever to organize women’s body so that they understand of what happens (a new life, a new book/fairy tale starts) dulls the pain. Only happiness is in the air when the child born. Apart from the physiological description how life appears, everyone can interpret it in his/her own way. To my mind physiological process of birth is a natural miracle. Nature gives us a lot – an ability to breath, eat fresh food, and keeps our body healthy. The environment surrounds us and we do not notice all advantages we have. People destruct all-natural benefits in recent days. Modern inventions ease nowadays existence. What the price is?  What does come next? The future is under danger. All earth resources we use for our purposes and nothing return. Only take and take. A repercussion do not interest us, everything good end. To get a nice and prospective life people forget about everything, but care about themselves. Moreover, everyone becomes more selfish, egocentric, and soulless like a robot. The days pass, and happens something that makes you change your mind, look over your attitude to the nature, environment, and people. Then love appears in the heart. Love is a power. Love is life.

    A world in your mind

    First of all, let us try to understand that becoming elder we grow as a personality and forms own mind and world inside us. No matter how complicated your way is, you come to a finish where realize what is good and what is bad. We want to live in an ideal world that mass media impose within advertisements that are around. What we see in these advertisements – happy family, girls, and boys with slim bodies, laughing children, the person who has succeeded in business and so on.

    Furthermore, one should not forget that the other side of the coin. Life is so short; we do not have to spend it to suit the standards and people that surround us. Enjoy the idea that you wake up in the morning and see the sun, breath, your relatives are so close to you and they are healthy. You walk on the street and smile if you want, do not be obsessed with what people will think. All that you have planned to do some day do your best and go ahead – jump with a parachute, go on a world tour, become a clown in the circus. All days are different, do not hesitate, live life fully. Nevertheless, one should accept that life has not only positive aspects, but negatives are present as well. The hardest is to accept this and find a power to overcome all obstacles and challenges. You should make yourself think positive in any situation; the perception needs to be beneficial. I understand that it is easy to say it, that sometimes sorrows come to our lives and destruct us. In case it happens, addresses to a person whom you can trust or admire, talk to him, listen to his pieces of advice and keep on your way. Bad things have a tendency to end like good and sunny weather changes the dull one. You are the creator of the world in your mind, develop your personality, and keep on study through the whole life, chose the correct people and aimed to the goal.

    It makes sense to summarize all thoughts about life. Life is great, life is unbelievable and only one we have. Do what you want, enjoy being a human, love the environment and remind that everything in the universe is coming back. Open your heart to adventures and write a best-seller book where the main character is you and a happy end. Being a good person with a neat thought – a recipe the success.

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