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    A Raisin In The Sun Analysis Essay

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    A Raisin in the Sun reveals that the story is about The Youngers, a black American family. The head of this family, Mr. Younger has died and the insurance money of 10,000 USD is due to his family. The comparative characters analysis in research papers of each persona shows that they have their dreams which they intend to realize and do not share each other’s’ dreams. Thus, they are divided on how the money should be spent.

    The dream of Mama is to build a house, that of Walter is to invest into a liquor company and the Beneathea’s is to invest in her medical education while she also harbors dreams of finding her identity in Africa. The dream of Walter’s wife is the same as the dream of Mama which is to ensure they have a more comfortable habitation.

    The Dreams of Black People

    A Raisin in the Sun is set in the 1950’s America. The theme revolves around is that of the aspiration of black people in the United States to achieve what their dreams are and to realize what they are passionate about. The entire book itself about dreams people within the same family have and how the variation in each person affects that of others. The attainment of the dream of one would mean that the other needs to be forgone. The insurance money is also the main item for discussion as the other events in the book revolve around it.

    The sum of money available is only 10,000 Dollars. The dream of Walter and that of his mother thus contrasts in that Walter can either invest into the Liquor shop or like his mother desires to invest instead into the house she shared with her husband. His mother is in custody of the money with which she acquires a house in a hostile environment where they were offered money to leave; an offer she refused. However, Walter invests into the liquor business with the remainder and Walter was duped of his money.

    The Conflict of Lofty Dreams

    A Raisin in the Sun illustrates how black people may hinder each other but in the end are all closely knit. The example it presents is common in the black society where money holds a lot of power present or not, causing rancor and argumentative conversation. The central topic is not restricted to dreams but also it extends across dreams into the very essence of being of the black person living in America and how they have lofty ambitions but often times cannot reach it.

    In summary, the story shows that the presence of selfish dreams raises the likelihood for chaos as arisen within the Younger family. Walter would eventually fulfill his own dream alongside Mama and Ruth. The fulfillment of their dreams, however, did not lead to the happiness they had envisaged. This is another theme of the book as it reflects the empty nature of supposedly high goals and selfish dreams.

    Dreaming through the eyes of everyone.

    Walter having invested into the liquor business would go on to be duped by his friend with whom he had committed his investments. Walter was very upset at Mama (Lena) who he was not pleased with how she gave Beneathea money for her medical school and how she had acquired a dream house out of it. He was able to secure the rest of the money which he was duped of. His wife Ruth, however, was pregnant and only forgave him when she discovered he was in great despair and seemed to have changed. Ruth whose dream was to be wealthy discovered after all that a dream was only a dream.

    With the event surrounding Walter and how he lost the sum which was committed to his hands, it was clear that Walter was a way of reflecting how big ambitions can be a way into the big financial ditch or it could even be a play on the innate desire of every man to be better. Beneathea also broke up with her lover and would find love again with a Nigerian man.


    In conclusion, the essence of the dream is reflected as being the motivation for a lot of actions that people take. It again is reflected in the condition of the black man who finds his dream harder to reach or fulfill. Finally, it is expressed in the book that a dream is just a dream as we find at the end of the book that the Youngers are happy but they still have not fulfilled their dreams which they started off with but they seem to be happier and more united as a family having learnt to live the moment and understand that their dreams should not tear them apart. They finally exit the building which Mama had bought.

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