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    A Picture Of President Obama Essay

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    When close reading a visual text, there are many elements to consider when evaluating a photograph. I chose to closely analyze a picture of President Barack Obama not saluting to military officers when exiting a plane through the lense of a picture of a military personnel in combat. When looking at President Obama exiting the plane without salute, we can see how Obama’s face looks like he’s in too much of a hurry to salute military officers which most people don’t see. The elements symmetry, color, and perspective really help in analyzing the two photos in comparison to each other to come up with the overall conclusion that military officers deserve a salute from everyone in the country, especially President Obama, to give thanks for risking their lives to fight for our country. When looking at the president’s picture you can see the seriousness in the marine’s face, who is standing in beside the exit ramp of the plane, which shows how serious he takes his job.

    The symmetry of the photo of President Obama’s exit draws attention to the center of the photo to show both the faces of the president and the marine. When looking at the center of the photo, the person viewing the photo can see the rush in President Obama’s face and his body as his arms look like they are in the running position. The reader can see the president looking down and avoiding the presence of the military officers. The hurried rush in the president’s face proves that he seems to feel like he doesn’t have to give the marines the salute that they deserve. The image evokes a feeling of betrayal to the marine officers that the president who runs the country doesn’t feel like he owes the marines a worthy salute. The symmetry of the combat marine is centered which di.

    .sm and not only the Marine Corps, but every branch of the armed forces should be given respect and should know that they are appreciated by all of their fellow Americans and especially the President of the United States. The armed forces put their lives at risk every day and leave their lives and family to assure that us as Americans continue to live in a free country. President Barack Obama is supposed to be the symbol person of America and he knows how to salute an officer and should do it anytime when approaching or around an officer. Patriotism is what every American citizen should be full of considering the beautiful country we live in. Patriotism should be shown constantly every day through the United States of America and armed forces should be constantly recognized for all their hard work by other fellow Americans including the President of the United States.

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