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    A Persuasive Paper on “How to learn to love yourself” Essay

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    L. Introductions. Why are we so afraid of telling ourselves we love ourselves? Why do we search outside of ourselves to find love? How can we overcome the fear of accepting who we are? How do we deal with low self-esteem? I will attempt in the speech to address those questions as well as share with all of you that it is possible to find love within, admire yourself, and accept yourself with all of your flaws. Body . Take a look at you. A. The first thing to do is to take a long hard look at you, a rational assessment of who you are with all the good and the imperfect. B. Be honest with what you see and feel.

    Believe you are worthy and know you are priceless. C. Remember, the way you see yourself and treat yourself is the way that other people will see and treat you. 2. Forgive yourself This is key. Forgiving yourself is the second step to loving yourself. How can one love themselves if they have not forgiven them self for the past or the present. B. As a child, even as an adult we may have done things we are not proud of. There is not one person who has not harmed them self or allowed harm to come to them. Sometimes we are not at fault. Affirmation are one way to learn to forgive yourself.

    Affirmations. Lets talk about Affirmations. A-Okay I would Like everyone to say I believe I am worthy of good things; I am beautiful. Go ahead say It now I will wait. (pause) Now try looking In the mirror every single morning and telling that tortuously. Do this before you have washed your face, before you have brushed your teeth. Before any of the rituals you normally do. Heck, make the affirmation a ritual. At first you may feel ridiculous. Keep doing it anyway. Post it on your mirror so that you do not forget. B. Another affirmation Is: “l have the courage to believe that I am worthy of love. Say t out loud, every day, at least once, if at all possible at least ten times each time you see it. Use a sticky note, they are great. C. Doing this action will assist you in learning to love yourself. Love is an action word. Not only say these things but also act on these things. As you go through your day smile often. Say that It Is a good day to be you. Read a meditation or any B. There is a saying you cannot give away what you do not have. So how can you even love another or accept love if you do not love yourself? It is time to choose! 5. Love is a choice. A. It is important to know that love is not a feeling, it is a choice.

    Choose to love yourself now. You do deserve it, right? You deserve the best love has to offer you and your love is the best you can give to you. B. The more you choose to love yourself the more you can love those in your life. Your family, friends, significant others, husbands, wives, and anyone else that you find an important part of your life but first choose to love you! 6. Why do we search for love on the outside? A. In order to stop searching for love outside of yourself you must think about what you need to fill the hole inside that craves for love. What is it specifically that you need?

    Do not answer this now; think about it then give it to yourself. B. Only you are capable of giving yourself love, the unconditional love that you need. When you finally find it, you will shine and you will attract that love from others . When you are no longer needy and insecure it will show and people will notice the change in you. 2. Change your ideas, attitudes, and behaviors and as a result you will see that you are not attracting unhealthy relationships as much. 7. Keep a Journal. A. Write, write, and keep writing. Keeping a Journal is a great way sort to through daily experiences. Good, bad, or indifferent. B.

    Write about the Joy in your life and pain; feel, get real, deal then you heal. C. Writing allows the things to be revealed by visualizing it. D. Own what you write, it is yours whether real or not it reflects your feeling and your feelings are valid because they are yours. 8. Why learn to love yourself? A. I am not talking narcissism here. I am talking about a healthy love for you. Why should you love yourself? Love yourself for confidence, for appreciation, for respect to ones self. Mind, body, and spirit. B. There are so many reasons one should learn to love them self I hope through my persuading you find the one that exists for you.

    In Conclusions we sincerely love ourselves we know that we do not need to be ourselves, we are able to give love freely to others without fear of being hurt or used. We love ourselves enough to not allow others to take advantage of us. And, when we are secure in our love of self, we attract the love of others. Being able to love your self is about embracing all you have and once you are able to do this you will have conquered half the battle. I am a survivor myself. I found that I like being with me. I can take time for myself today. This did not happen overnight it took time to really get to know me, my likes and dislikes.

    This has been a great awareness for me. I have endured many obstacles blocking me from loving myself. All I was doing was trying to fill a hole with shopping, men, sex, and friends. None of this worked, the fear and pain of knowing me was always there. I suffered from low self esteem. I have even tried moving to different cities only to take me with me. I have been abused and degraded because that is how I treated myself. I no longer have to live like that. I am a winner and I guarantee if you follow these simple suggestions you too will be a winner and find love within. You will no longer settle for less and call it acceptance.

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