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    A Personal Recount of the Academic Evaluation and the Future Goals for the Career

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    Viewing the AE (Academic Evaluation) helped me to see how much I have improved compared to past semesters and helped me start to plan for future classes. The AE was also extremely helpful to me because the evaluation made me reflect on past mistakes, so I can remember to not repeat these mistakes. Completing the Academic Plan Worksheet was helpful to me because the worksheet helped me connect with my advisor and helped me plan for the future semesters. The worksheet also organized my thoughts on the total amount of semester hours and total credit hours toward program, so I can now plan for future college years As a high school student, I am only registered for two online classes through Florence Darlington Tech and I am also taking two AP classes through West Florence High School.

    While completing the Academic Plan Worksheet 1 only looked at the two online classes that I am registered for I believe that College Skills will be a struggle, however, World Geography will be an achievement College skills will most likely be a struggle for me because lam not in college yet, so lam not completely equipped like a normal college student. Also, this class will be a struggle for me because I do not have a teacher/professor telling me face to face exactly what to do, However, my strategy to succeed in this class is to not procrastinate on assignments and to set reminders in my agenda for when assignments are due World Geography will most likely be an achievement for me because I have taken past geography classes and have been successful. My strategy to succeed in this class is to study the materials given on a schedule and to also set reminders in my agenda for when assignments are due.

    In participating in this evaluation, I have discovered several observations about myself Since I am a high school student, I was really nervous about taking an online college class strictly about college skills. However, after emailing my professorl learned that 1 am not the only one who struggles with this feart I now feel more confident in myself and am more prepared to tackle the assignments placed in front of me, Also when attempting to complete the Academic Plan Worksheet, 1 had to travel to the FDTC campus and ask for information about my classes. From this experience, I learned that I am truly seen as a college kid and being in high school does not give me an excuse to miss or perform badly on assignments. Honestly, I feel more like an adult now because of this experience and I feel like I have more responsibility as a student.

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    A Personal Recount of the Academic Evaluation and the Future Goals for the Career. (2023, Mar 17). Retrieved from

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