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    A Peaceful Woman Explains Why She Carries a Gun Essay

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    What are the duties of a woman (or a man) in your family? In my household, there is only supposed to be my mother and me but surprisingly it is not. There are four people who actively reside in my household. The four people hat live in the home are my mom, my mom’s boyfriend, my mom’s friend, and l.

    My personal duties are to attend school every week, work two Jobs daily, take care of myself and pay half of the rent and half of all the household utility bills. I am solely responsible for maintaining cleanliness in my room. I am responsible for washing any dishes that I may use after I make a meal. My mom’s duties are too cook for everyone, go to work daily and pay half of the rent and half of all household utility bills. My mom’s boyfriend’s duties are to maintain cleanliness throughout the house, provide groceries for the household, sit all day watching television, and cater to my mother’s needs.

    My mom’s friend’s duties are to coming on Sunday evening eat dinner, watch television and lay around all day from Sunday evening till Wednesday afternoon. Also, give my mom money for anything she may need. My mom and I are the sole providers in our household because our names are on the lease. My mom allows these two people to not contribute to anything in the household. She seems to think It Is okay to take care of two grown men who are no kin to her. I do not agree nd have voiced my opinion several times but my feelings do not seem to matter because they still reside in our home.

    My best solution Is to continue to work and save so that I may soon be able to afford to move out on my own. The “Black Table” Is Still There By: Lawrence Otis Graham Do you agree that the presence of the “black table” Is still a serious problem? I think the presence of the “black table” Is still a serious problem In our society. “Segregation is when you are isolated because of your race, class or ethnic group” (www. merriam???webster. com). We as a society are still battling the past issues of segregation in the present.

    If you walk into any school, library, cafeteria, or concert you can most likely bet that people will be sitting with their own race of people. I people. It gives them a sense of security. It reassures them that they do not have to feel like an outcast or feel isolated because they are amongst people Just like them. I think that the world is Just filled with so much Judgment that it does not allow people to want to go outside of their comfort zone and perhaps mingle with others. I think if his problem was not so present there would not be so many horrific things happening in our country.

    Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior By: Amy Chua Do you think Chua’s essay perpetuates a cultural stereotype? I do agree that Chua’s essay perpetuates a cultural stereotype because it’s saying that only the Chinese culture expects highly from their children and the Westerns expect mediocre performance. The Chinese culture encourages their children to strive harder to be successful. Their children are only successful because they have strategies and strict rules they live by. This means nothing will prevent them from achieving at the highest levels possible.

    You have to praise your child in order to help them build self-confidence and positive self-esteem about themselves. They instill that practicing constantly is the only way to achieve excellence. No television, extracurricular activities, horseplay or sports will interfere with practice. Chinese parents feel their children owe them for making them successful. They feel they are the only ones who know what’s best for them. The children don’t have the option to choose what they want to do because their parents make the choices for them. I feel there is no better way of teaching kids.

    Everyone teaches their children differently. Chinese parents feel they need to protect their children and prepare them at an early age for their future. Western parents want to instill individuality and independence. Both cultures love and want what’s best for their kids. A Peaceful Woman Explains Why She Carries a Gun By: Linda M. Hasselstrom

    Do you agree that carrying a gun is Hasselstrom’s only choice, or take other steps to ensure her safety? I do not think that carrying a gun is her only choice. I agree that everyone has to o what they feel will make them safe.

    The use of guns is why we have so much gun violence and lost of innocent lives. There are many ways to protect you from violence or sexual assaults. She could get practice self-defense and she could organize a town watch. I think that she could have found a friend that she’s comfortable with and they both could have signed up for a self-defense class. The classes will demonstrate safety techniques and strategies, martial arts, self-confidence, build self-esteem, help to not live in fear because you don’t have a gun and don’t have to worry about taking n innocent life.

    Secondly, she can help organize a town watch within her neighborhood. I’m sure she’s not the only woman possibly feeling unsafe. The town watch would consist of maybe some men from the neighbor who might want to volunteer and look out for the elderly women in the area especially when they are home alone or traveling late at night by themselves. Who Killed Benny Paret? By: Norman Cousins Do Cousin’s graphic descriptions convince you that boxing should be outlawed? Cousin’s descriptions do convince me that boxing should be outlawed because it’s arning a salary to do.

    When you enter the ring you don’t know if you are going to live or die. You never know what the other person is thinking. You are purposely paying to view someone possibly be murdered. There are so many medical issues that you can acquire from boxing. Chronic brain damage, concussions, dislocated shoulders, strains, sprains, cuts, eye injuries, fractures, and bruises. Cousin’s explains all the risk of boxing and says it’s your decision whether you choose to enter the ring knowing there’s a chance you may not come out alive.

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