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    A Part of Me Essay (1130 words)

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    Many people around me are very ambitious. They set many targets for themselves for their future. “I am going to be the best surgeon in this country” or “ I am going to have a record label in the States. ” There is nothing wrong with this little enthusiasm but people tend to forget one thing. What they do now in the present actually creates their future. All the little experience people encounter in life will complete the puzzle of life to what they want to achieve. Unfortunately for some people, they keep on focusing about the future and think things are going to fall into place. No one will ever be fortunate to actually be a one hit wonder.

    Even world famous Lady Gaga had to go through many obstacles such as the critics and haters to actually be as successful as she is today. At the age of 15, I would say the greatest goal I have ever achieve is my personal satisfaction on the things I do in life. I have a continuous productivity and I don’t aim too high to be a perfectionist but I aim for what I am capable of. You may say that is not really a personal goal you are finding but in my opinion this had led me to the other achievements in life. Truth to be told, I was never had this is me until conflicts arrived in my life.

    At the age of 13, I have sort of messed up my life. I was a teenager and that’s where lot life complications begin. I was so focused on what people would think of me as I was in a new school. I was so adamant to fit in that I skipped my meals to stay slim, buy those expensive clothes and nod my head to every stupid request from people. I was pleasing others but I was never pleasing myself. I made myself suffer because of my own consequences. I also barely looked at my books. Overconfidence overwhelmed me back then because of my surprising 5A’s as my UPSR results.

    I had this stupid thought that studying was easy but the fact is UPSR was easy. To be honest, I had no pressure when I study. I may procrastinate at times but I never been to an exam unprepared. I rather study than play video games. My grades for my mid year examinations dropped. I nearly failed all my subjects that I brought myself to tears. It really hit me when I had a grade C for my English paper. I didn’t know what to do. Scream or Cry? English has been the only language I am confident in speaking in. I knew English better than my own mother tongue.

    In addition to that, my health was not really stable as well. I did a blood test as I constantly fell ill and had severe headaches. I found out I was anemia and it was because of my terrible eating habits I knew I brought all of these to myself and my friends were not there this time during my dark stage and I had to walk on alone myself. In matter of time, I made changes to my life. I learnt to be more responsible of my well-being. I got my grades up and my health was perfectly fine at the end of the year. In Form 2 I realized I never really had a chance to show people what I am really made of.

    That was just a short experience in my life which led to the girl I am today The following year is where I was brought to test. I almost procrastinated the whole year and I had to apply some changes in my life. The previous year, I barely came to school everyday. Getting up in the morning was just so difficult but I was adamant to make myself a better person than what I was. I was elected as the assistant monitor for the class and served well. Through out the year, I also joined a few co-curriculum activities such as the Christian Fellowship, Choir, Girl’s Brigade and Netball.

    To my utter surprise after attending a few courses and completing a few task I was elected to be a squad leader for the Girl’s Brigade and the committee member in choir. I was a choir member since I started schooling here because I loved singing and singing in a group makes it more enjoyable. We had to enter competitions and also perform on every other event in school . So imagine the perseverance and commitment I had to put it. Throughout my experience I had to perform for a number of farewells for my teachers, band concert, prize giving day and also competitions.

    Since I was dedicated to choir it didn’t matter on the countless hours I had to stay back and use my voice to rehearse. In 2009, we won 4th place in state levels. My school had also organized a few events which I was majorly involved. My class had also participated in the school competitions for Tale time, Choral Speaking and Drama and English Festival. All events we got third placing which was a blessing. This year, I could not participate in the choir competition because of my major examination and it was almost everyday we had to stay back. However, I regretted terribly because my team had achieved the second placing in the state level.

    My academic results were still average and I did not really need to worry. I still continued serving my post and attending courses for the Girl’s Brigade. I was in the Green House and my team and I had worked really hard till we grabbed the first trophy of the Non-Athletes cup. I also participated in the BK quiz and several essays. My main goal this year is to achieve my 7A’s as I did put in all the effort until the last minute. All homework were done on time, projects were sent in weeks before it was due and my relationships with teachers were good.

    Thus, I sincerely hope the effort I put in will pay off. Thus, my best friend who has the privileged of studying in a prestigious school in Singapore was the one who inspired me that the road to success is by baby steps and not fantasying. My life now, I may not be a renowned singer or a scientist but all these little achievements have increase my personal self-esteem and I would like to strive harder in the coming years in my life. In a nutshell, I am well satisfied on what I did, and will take the opportunity on pursuing my dreams step by step.

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