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    8th grade Universe & Stars Review

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    Term Definition
    Expanding The Big Bang theory tells us that the universe has been and still is __________
    Nebula A large cloud of dust and gas that becomes a star
    Nuclear Fusion The way stars produce energy
    Milky Way The galaxy in which our solar system exists
    Andromeda What is the closest spiral galaxy to our galaxy
    Temperature A physical property that is part of the basis for the HR Diagram
    Spiral The Milky Way galaxy is this type of galaxy
    Event Horizon The edge of a black hole
    Constellations Patterns of stars in the sky
    Redshift Evidence that the universe is expanding
    Main Sequence Our sun is this type of star
    Clouds of Magellan Two irregular galaxies that orbit our galaxy
    Electromagnetic _______ waves can move through the vacuum of space
    Light years Extremely large distances in space
    Universe Something that is approximately 12 to 14 billion years old
    Yellow The color of a medium temperature star
    Red Giant A star that has used up all of its hydrogen becomes larger and cooler
    Gamma rays The highest energy waves that come from stars
    Luminosity Another expression that means brightness
    Irregular The type of galaxy that is the smallest
    Distance What is measured by light-years
    Parallax Changing star location by earth's movement which allows us to calculate how far away they are
    cool The temperature of orange and red colored stars
    Galaxy A large group of stars held together by gravity
    Black Hole One possible result after a star goes supernova
    White Dwarf After a Red Giant star collapses slowly the very hot tiny dense star that remains
    Steady state Theory Theory that the universe was and always has been as it is now
    Super nova Giant stars that collapse quickly and explode out
    Red Color with the longest wavelength
    Blue Shift The change in light that is getting closer

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