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    8th grade Science water cycle

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    Term Definition
    atmosphere the blanket of gas on the surface of Earth
    condensation the opposite of evaporation. Occurs when a gas is changed into a liquid
    evaporation the process where a liquid, in this case water, changes from its liquid state to a gaseous state
    deposition water vapor changes into ice without going through the liquid phase
    evaportanspiration the process of transferring moisture from the Earth to the atmosphere by evaporation of water and transpiration from plants
    inflitration process where rain water soaks into the ground through the soil and underlying rock layers
    percolation movement of water through the soil and its layers mostly by gravity
    precipitation water released from clouds in the form of rain, freezing rain, sleet, snow or hail. It is the primary connection in the water cycle that provides for the delivery of atmospheric qater to the earth.

    Most precipitation falls as rain.

    runoff water from rain snow melt or other sources that flows over the land surface
    sublimation conversion between the solid and the gaseous phases of matter with no intermediate liquid stage. In the water cycle, sublimation is most often used to describe the process of snow and the changing into water vapor in the air without first melting into water.
    transpiration as plants absorb water from the soil the water moves from the roots through the stems to the leaves.

    water cycle Describes the continuous movement of water on above and below the surface of Earth. Water is always changing states between liquid, vapor, and ice, with these processes happening in the blink of an eye and over millions of years.

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