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    6Th Grade Science Sources Of Energy Answers And Questions

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    Question Answer
    Energy resources that can be recycled or replaced by natural processes in less than about 100 years are considered _____. renewable
    Energy from the sun is (renewable/non-renewable) and it doesn't cause _____.

    Enough energy from the _____ reaches Earth in an _____ to supply all the energy in the world uses and one year. sunhour
    Energy from the sun is called _____. solar energy
    Solar calculators are powered by solar cells, which collect light and change it into _____. electricity
    Nonpolluting, _____ and abundant solar energy sounds wonderful.

    Solar energy has some serious drawbacks. Solar cells can't work at _____. night
    Different parts of the Earth receive _____ amounts of solar energy. different
    Some scientists think that the best solution to energy problems might be to use _____ _____ and _____ in combination with other energy resources.

    fossil fuels?
    Today, windmills are used to generate _____ worldwide. electricity
    In the U.S., regions of the Northeast, the _____, the Great Plains, and the _____ have been identified as having wind conditions best suited to using wind power.

    Wind is _____. It does not harm the _____ or produce waste. non-pollutingenvironment
    Only a few regions of the world have _____ strong enough to generate electricity. winds
    The production of electricity using water is called _____ _____.

    hydroelectric power
    The river water that backs up behind a dam creates a _____ or large reserve of water. reservoir
    Hydroelectric power doesn't cause pollution and it is _____. renewable
    Hydroelectric power as an energy source has its problems. When dams are built, the reservoir located behind the dam can fill with _____.

    Land above the dam flooded and wildlife _____ are disturbed. habitats
    Power plants have already been _____ near most rivers. built
    The heat from magma and hot rock that surrounds it is called _____ _____. geothermal energy.

    People in Iceland and California use the _____ _____ and steam from geysers to heat their homes. hot water
    Geothermal energy has disadvantages. It can release hot, salty water at Earth's surface, which can be harmful to nearby _____ and _____. plantsanimals
    Only a few places have _____ near the Earth's surface. magma
    Nuclear energy is produced by splitting the _____ of certain elements. nuclei
    The most commonly used fuel in nuclear power plants is _____. uranium
    Nuclear energy also produces highly _____ nuclear waste. radioactive
    This waste contains materials that can cause _____ or have other harmful effects on living things. cancer
    Because of potential problems in storing nuclear waste, nuclear energy has seen limited use in the _____ _____. United States
    _____% of the world's energy is supplied by fossil fuels. 90

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