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    3 Day Diet Analysis Essay

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    A 3 Day Diet Analysis essay should express a personal experience and is preferably written in the first person.  Here is a sample of a three day diet essay.

    As they say, there is a point in life where you feel that you need to steer your ship in a new direction and I believe I am at that point where I think that I would like to change my lifestyle especially my eating habits. I have been a poor eater for a long time, consuming one kind of food for too long. This mostly has been contributed by the fact that I have a tight schedule and I have to undertake a lot of activities in a day.  I hardly make time to look for balanced diet foods the way I would like to. In most cases, I grab whatever I can lay my hands on to cut the hunger.

    My diet has been lots of proteins and grains since they are the only type of foods that are readily available. There are days I would survive with just a soft drink, but fresh water was not part of my diet. I never used to take breakfast and when I did it will be a piece of white bread and energy drinks. My diet for supper was full of junks though in small portions.

    There was this day when I stepped on a weighing scale, and I was perplexed at how much weight I had added yet according to me I thought I don’t overeat foods. I felt that I would like to register at the gym next to my estate and told the gym instructor that I would like to lose some weight and at least burn some of my calories. Lucky enough, there was a nutritionist in the facility, and I had to first spend some 30 minutes with her to evaluate my body and do some tests on me especially my fat intake and the nutrients that I feed my body.

    When the nutritionist’s result was out, I was surprised at how much unhealthy I was, and my calories were skyrocketing, and my fat intake was high. The report also showed that I had been eating a lot of proteins and little seafood’s, dairy products and greens hence giving my body fewer nutrients. The most shocking thing was that, despite eating grains almost on a daily basis, I had overeaten refined grains more than whole grains where to me I thought grains are just grains.

    When I looked at the breakdown of my report, I found that nutrients like proteins were responsible for the rise in my calories up to19 percent where the expert advice that it would only be safe if my calories were even, distributed. This required me to lower my fat intake by 10 percent from 37 percent of fat intake. In doing so, the amount of fat intake would decrease by 26 to 27 grams which makes 28 percent of my calories from fat intake.

    I was told to increase in my diet the amount of carbohydrates intakes by 59 to 60 grams which would help add the percentage of carbohydrates that were adding to my calories by 12 percent.

    My saturated fats percentage was almost the same as my unsaturated fats with my saturated fats at 40 percent, and my unsaturated fat at 38 percent. From the basis of the report, I could see that my saturated fats were higher compared to unsaturated fats. The expert recommendations were that; I should increase the intake of unsaturated fat which mainly include

    • Vegetable oil
    • Olives
    • Nuts and seeds
    • fish (some types).

    It is then that I learned about the two main types of unsaturated fats

    Monounsaturated fats – Mono-unsaturated fats help in improving cholesterol level, insulin level, and blood sugar. The nutritionist told me that some of the foods that I should be eating which contain mono-unsaturated fats are olive oil, peanuts, avocados, most nuts, canola oil, and most seeds.

    Polyunsaturated fats – the types of fats that help in areas of muscle movement and blood clotting. Since my body doesn’t make the fats, I have to get it from my diet. I came to realize that there two types of Poly-unsaturated fats, the Omega-3 fatty acids and Omega-6 fatty acids.

    The nutritionist who was a very kind and attentive person advised me to write a three day diet analysis essay and include a three day diet analysis plan to help me change in some areas like improving on my diet as much as I would like to be visiting the gym if I would wish to reduce my calories and burn some fats. In her report, the recommendations were that in the three day diet analysis plan I should be eating the following types of foods and make them part of my diet to help me burn my calories.

    • At least two fruits per day
    • 75 g of cooked vegetable and greens for an equivalent of a cup of raw salad vegetables.
    • 6 to 12 serving of cereals which is an equivalent of two slices of bread, or one cup of cooked rice per serving.
    • Two serving of dairy products for example 250 ml of milk, 40g of cheese or 200g of yogurt.
    • Legumes, fish, lean meat and poultry where one serving should have an equivalent of 70-100 g of cooked chicken.

    By improving my diet, and following my three-day essay, I hope I will have more energy to carry out my day to day work, and other activities after work. The nutritionist advised me in realizing that, for me to take care of other things the way I would like to, I must take care of myself first by improving on my diet and give my body foods with the nutrients it needs to be healthy and robust.

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